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Your Dreams Exist for a Reason

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Let’s get real for a moment. If you’re a dreamer, which I imagine you to be if you’ve found me, then you know all too well that day dreams and envisioning the future is a normal part of your day. But, what if all this time dreaming wasn’t just a way of procrastinating or zoning out. What if your dreams existed for a very specific reason?

Consider for a moment that your dreams are a way your soul is communicating with you. Consider that in order to dream, you have to leave what is present before you and imagine the inconceivable. Consider that your dreams are your soul’s way of telling not only what is possible, but also what is meant for you. What if your dreams were showing you the way to your heart’s true desires?

The moment you start giving credibility to your dreams is the moment when your life begins to change. The inconceivable becomes a potential reality. You can taste it, you can see it, you can feel it, you can even sit in it. This is where the magic begins.

So many people don’t give credit to their dreams. They brush them off, talk them down, diminish them, and minimize them. Do you know what happens to them down the road? They wonder, “what if”.

What if I would have taken a leap of faith?
What if I really went for it?
What if I could’ve been _________________?

And not long after, they go into reassurance mode to make themselves feel better.

It’s too late now.
It never would have worked.
It was a stupid idea to begin with.
I’m happy with how things are.
I’ve made it work.
Maybe in another life…

This is what the mind sounds like in millions of people’s brains… years have gone by, time has slipped away and no matter how much good has happened for them, they look regrettably on what might have been. They didn’t answer their soul’s true calling. They never gave their dreams the light they deserve.

Did it crush them? No.
Did they continue to live? Yes.
Did they really live their life as big as it could possibly be?

What do you think your dreams are asking of you? What is your soul calling you to do?

Even dreams of outer success such as nice closets, a big house, riches, and gold are all a calling. But you don’t simply get there without purpose.

Purpose is the action plan for making all your dreams come true. Purpose is the language of the soul.

As Neale Donald Walsch puts it, your Souls’ chief job in this life is become the purest version of itself. Your purest version of yourself is letting your soul shine every single day and I don’t know about you, but my soul shines like no other when I’m coasting on my dreams.

Your dreams exist for a reason.

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