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You’re hungry for truth, freedom, and permission

to be exactly who you are and know that you’re enough.

  • You’re ready to break free from the rules and expectations you’ve been living by for so long and instead want a life built on your own terms.
  • You want to be healed and whole from the past hurts and wounds that have kept you questioning your worthiness, your goodness, your deservingness.
  • You’re ready to step into a new way of living that is sovereign, sacred, and authentic.

You’re ready to be moved, be inspired, and be grounded in your own truth that guides you.


But more than anything, you’re ready to trust your own judgment, believe in yourself deeply, and be bold in the way you move through the world, your life, and relationships.

This is Wild and Holy Year!


A year long container to question everything you’ve been taught to believe

Arrive at your own truths and authenticity

And change the way you relate to everything, including the world within you.

It’s time to practice the spiritual tools of discernment and come to your own realizations about your values and beliefs, to set yourself free to be who you are, and know you are loved, worthy, deserving, and you belong.

Wild and Holy year is a tribe of spiritual sisters who crave truth, enlightenment, positivity, and freedom. They want the support of sisterhood as they dive deep into what they’ve been taught to believe and find liberation to think and feel and believe on their own terms.

This tribe is women who want to feel deeply embodied in their own wisdom, deeply held in love, and inspired to expand and grow, shift and evolve into their best selves and highest souls.

Wild and Holy Year is your safe space to explore your own spiritual depths and from this place cultivate a stronger sense of self.

To know who you are, how to love, and what you’re here to do in the world.

  • It’s one part spiritual discernment and exploration,
  • one part real-deal shifting in the way you relate to the world, and
  • one part massive growth and expansion to how you’re showing up for yourself and your vision.

It’s time to open up to the beauty this life has to offer.  To open yourself to freedom from dogma and rules and boxes.

You were born to be Wild.  You’ve always been Holy.

This is the power of Wild and Holy Year.

You’ll be guided to be Wild – to know yourself and free yourself from all the ways you’ve been taught to shrink.

You’ll be guided to be Holy- to treat each day with a sacredness in a way that honors your soul.

You’ll be guided to daily practice, spiritual living, positive thinking, emotional freedom, and living your best life that’s heart-centered, soul-driven, fulfilling instead of just full.

Join me for Wild and Holy Year for a one of kind safe space to talk about the things you’ve been taught never to question.

Find yourself.  Find your soul. Change your life.