It’s time.

Time for yourself, in person hugs, and to dive deep into your desires, your dreams, and the parts of your soul that have been craving

light, love, and liberation.


It’s time to come home to who you are now.  And remember.  

Remember you’re the powerful creator of the life you want to live, you’re capable of achieving the big things (and small things) you’ve been thinking about pursuing, and that you have everything you need within you.  You always have. You always will.

This weekend will be your reminder.


For three days and two nights, we’ll reconnect with the truth that lives in your body, sit with the power that’s always been present within you, and lean on one another to receive the encouragement we’ve needed to shift, expand, evolve, and grow.

I’m talking about ritual + movement, connection + expansion, truth telling + brave action to be your fullest expression of self.



  • Qoya, meditation, visioning, sisterhood, soul dives, and good food.
  • Mixed with slow morning coffee, hugs, ceremonies, and conversations about love, purpose, meaning, and courage.

I’m talking about a weekend that’s one part liberation and one part worship to honor the pieces of you that have been waiting for permission to shine!

This is Wild & Holy Weekend


– a unique experience for 10 women to gather around a fire, celebrate our power, break bread, and dive into the pure truths of our souls while embracing the concept that we can be both scared and ready, unsure and certain, still evolving and confident.

We can be both bold and loving, assertive and kind, successful and grounded, proud and humble, loud and compassionate, broken and whole, brave and afraid, perfect and still evolving.

We can be both wild & holy.



Join me for an exclusive weekend for women supporting women, reconnecting with freedom and ease, love and dreams, desires and actions that spring forth from your soul.



Fall, 2018






Ready for a weekend full of self-care and nourishment, time and space to sink into your intentions, luxurious permission to reconnect with who you are now and get clear on your vision for the actions your soul is ready to take?

Wild & Holy Weekend Will Reopen for Registration in Fall, 2018  

10 Magical Spots for 10 Magical Women

Beautiful Locale

Fierce Love & Soulful Guidance

  • We’ll wake with the sun and the serene sound of birds.
  • We’ll move slowly and intentionally to wake up our bodies.
  • We’ll feed ourselves with spiritual food and nutritious meals that will tingle our senses.
  • We’ll move our body through the rhythmic dance of Qoya and sit with our souls in meditation.
  • We’ll allow our minds to clear and connect with a future that’s rooted in desire and purpose and meaning.
  • We’ll take time to be with ourselves and one another as we ponder life’s magic underneath the TX stars.
  • We’ll gather around the fire like women have for centuries and bask in the power of our dreams and courage and resilience.
  • We’ll talk about love and how we can do it better and deeper and more wholeheartedly, with others and especially ourselves.
  • We’ll talk about boundaries and values, priorities and needs, and how to champion for ourselves with less guilt and more joy.


This will be a weekend of impact and intention, clarity and courage, soul diving and truth rising.  All for you and the next steps you plan to birth.

Meet your hostess.


I’m Megan Hale, a Soul Strategist, Courage Catalyst, and Retired Psychotherapist who helps women become more whole and create lives that honor their soul.

My whole life, I’ve been the girl others would come to for help with their love lives, life direction, or an honest and grounded perspective on how to navigate life’s tricky twists and turns.

This naturally turned into a career built on formal education and clinical experience, but no degree or professional license could ever give me the wisdom I’ve gained through my own trials and tribulations.

From overcoming addiction and codependency to healing my relationships with just about everyone including myself, to finding forever love and awakening to my life purpose, I’ve helped hundreds of women learn to tune into the voice of their souls, come home to who they are, and create a life that prioritizes their needs, their desires, and their dreams.

Podcast Features | Megan Hale

I believe the future will be built by women who learn to reclaim their power and pursue a life that honors their soul, which is why Wild & Holy Weekend is just as much a heart invitation as it is an action taking retreat that will encourage you to be brave, lean in, rise up and ground down into the wisdom that lives within you.

Wild & Holy is an experience for Women who are tired of being too much and never enough.  It’s for women who are ready to give themselves permission to be their fullest expression, let go of the rules, return to their center, and create a life from this place instead of the “shoulds”.

And you’re invited!

Join me in the Fall of 2018 for an unforgettable weekend of visioning and intention setting, healing and feeling, and coming home to your body, the beautiful vessel that houses your soul.  

Wild & Holy Weekend Will Reopen for Registration in Fall, 2018  

10 Magical Spots for 10 Magical Women


Included in the Wild & Holy Weekend price is:


    • all meals PLUS lodging
    • a special welcome with Wild & Holy champagne punch to kick off your weekend
    • a personal masseuse (YES!  You’ll be getting pampered with an in house massage!)
    • a personal chef who will prepare a 3 course meal
    • your personal Qoya instructor who will get you out of your head and into your heart
    • a pre-retreat workbook that will get you into your soul for maximum clarity and authentic expansion
    • and your personal guide to soulful expression all weekend long that will leave you feeling empowered, inspired, capable, and loved!

Our luxurious TX villa is located 20 minutes from the Austin airport in the middle of the stunning TX Hill Country.

      • Our weekend begins at 6:00 pm CST on Friday and will wrap up at 2:00 pm CST on Sunday.
      • Once you arrive to our gorgeous villa, you won’t be lifting a finger all weekend.
      • You’ll be wined and dined by gourmet meals plus my famous TX tacos made from my heart to yours.
      • You’ll be led in movement rituals with a focus on ease and reconnecting with your wisdom while surrounded by like minded women open to hugs and laughter, tears and celebration.


Wild & Holy Weekend Will Reopen for Registration in Fall, 2018  

10 Magical Spots for 10 Magical Women




It’s time to leave behind the rules of who you think you should be, what you think you should do, and instead lean into the truth that lives within you.

Get ready for a weekend of WILD permission and HOLY worship sure to expand your heart and express your soul to create a life that’s all your own!





I’m flying in.  What airport is closet to our accommodations?

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (20 minutes from our villa)

What should I pack?

Comfy clothes. All the way.  We’ll be lounging all weekend poolside.  Make sure to pack a bathing suit to enjoy the pool and hot tub!

What are the sleeping accommodations like?

Our house includes 1 King and 5 queens.  Solo sleeping accommodations can be made via air mattresses if preferred.

There are also several hotels nearby if you’d prefer your own room and are comfortable commuting each day.

What if I have dietary restrictions?

No worries at all.  We’ll square away our menu ahead of time and make sure there’s plenty of delicious food that fits with your diet.

What will the temperature be like?

TX has two seasons, warm and hot.  We’ll be entering the cooler season so expect high 80’s, low 90’s during the day and high 60’s, low 70’s at night.

What if I came to the last Wild & Holy Weekend?  Will this retreat be different?

Yes!  Our theme for the June retreat was releasing non-truths and reclaiming real truths.  Our theme for the September retreat will pick up right where we left off with expansion and authentic expression!

What if I’ve never been to a retreat?

There’s a first time for everything, girlfriend and I’d be honored to be your first experience!  First timers totally welcome <3

Will I be missing out if I didn’t go to the previous Wild & Holy Weekend?

Absolutely not!  We’ll be diving into your truth from a different perspective focusing our energy on expanding into our desires and expressing the truth of our souls.  If you’ve been feeling there’s something more you’re supposed to be doing or have had a dream you’ve been scared to take action on, this is for YOU!

Anything else I should bring?

I always recommend traveling with a journal and an open heart.

I still have more Q’s.  Who do I reach out to?

Email me, Sister.
 We’ll get all your Q’s squared away so you can join us with peace of mind.