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Wild + Holy Weekend

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I was sitting in some quiet reflection this morning before Brax woke up reading the Desire Map and three things occurred to me:

  1. I really need to start getting up before he does because – peace + quiet feeds this ambivert’s soul
  2. I’m craving time with like minded soul-sisters like nobody’s business so what can I do about that?
  3. Why am I writing this book Wild + Holy? Like… what’s the main takeaway?

As I sat here looking out my office windows, I felt into the words Wild and Holy and what they mean to me, what they have meant to me, and what they mean to me moving forward.  Why do these words resonate so deeply?

Wild…. my life has been a journey of learning to be free – free from the should’s, free from others’ expectations, free in my self expression, free in my self confidence, free in my skin, my heart, my soul, my mind.

I’ve craved wild liberation since I was a girl!  I wanted to buck back against the boxes, be in touch with the wildness within me that was full of wisdom and fire and heart.

Holy…. equally so, I’ve craved the truth from God that I’m sacred, sovereign, worthy, deserving, whole, magnificent, powerful, and chosen.  Every single day, I have to remind myself of this royalty and give myself permission – that it’s ok (and in fact the most fiercely loving thing I can do) to root down into my own truth instead of someone else’s.

  • Wild and Holy 
  • Free and Sacred 
  • Expanded and Rooted 
  • Liberated and Sovereign 
  • Fierce and Feminine 
  • Brave and Loving

These things motivate me.  They move me.  This is why I’m writing the book.

This is my song I need to sing in the world.

And then it dawned on me that other women, the ones I crave to commune with, may want this too.

So an idea was born… Wild + Holy Weekend.  A small group of like-minded women coming together to talk about their own liberation – how to live freer, braver lives while also rooting down into their own sacredness, their own rituals, their own quiet power.

A weekend for reconnecting with themselves and their bravery, their desires and blessings, their biggest and smallest wishes for what will bring them more joy NOW!

Are you interested?

I don’t have dates.  I don’t have cost.  I’m simply putting some feelers out.

If you’re interested, click YES below and I’ll save your name to keep in touch as details come together.

I’m thinking Spring in the hillcountry of Texas.  Think lush green rolling hills, emerald rivers, horses and longhorns, farm fresh, wild flowers.  Before it gets sticky, sweaty hot.

With yoga and qoya, space and soul diving.  A weekend of re-membering that you’re powerful, brave, sovereign, and free.  A weekend of more clarity to more joy NOW.

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