You’re here to…

make an impact, share a message, speak on stages, write a book, and bring others to their truth because you’re so deeply grounded in your own.

You’re a leader, a go-getter, an achiever who likes a challenge, but most of all, you’re a woman who has a hunger to be BRAVE.

You know you came here to be bolder, play bigger, and be an agent for social change.

But you also came here to step into your gifts, expand past what’s comfortable, and radically change the way you walk through the world.

Yet I know what stops you.

The voices of “not enough”, the fear of being TOO MUCH, and the reality that you’ll need to TAKE UP SPACE in the world when you’ve been told not to dream too big!

Because all your life, you’ve been marketed to and taught to be small, uncomplicated, and never too much.  You’ve been told what it means to be good, worthy, pretty, and Holy and it’s always been impossible to feel like you’re enough.

I know you know you’re here to be MORE!  

But you wonder, is it safe?  Is it right?  Is it good?  Is it Godly?

It’s time to take your seat on the throne that has always been Divinely given.
It’s time to give yourself permission to be the woman God/Source/Spirit sent you to be.  
It’s time to rise in your Divinity, your worthiness and holiness, and do your Holy work in the world.
But more than anything, it’s time to break free from the narratives that tell you who you’re NOT allowed to be.  


➤ You have a mission to serve and a purpose to lead.  

➤ You have a voice to use and a difference to make.  

 ➤ You have a vision to manifest and dreams to realize.

And each of these things need YOU as their leadertheir confident leader that’s grounded in conviction who has:  

  • Unraveled the stories of what it means to be enough.
  • Unraveled the stories of what it means to be holy.
  • Unraveled the stories of what it means to be “good”.

But more than anything, unraveled the stories of what it means to be WILD!



Wild & Holy Truth is an 8 week coaching program to reclaim the narratives we’ve been force fed as women.  It’s an eight week journey of reclaiming our truth, rejecting our non-truths, and rising in to our Divine calling, power, and worthiness.

It’s 3 pillars:

➤ It’s healing the religious wounds that told us we couldn’t be more.  ***What religions?  All religions.  Because all of our main religions (Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Islam) were formed from a patriarchal point of view.  Does this mean you’re going to have to abandon your religion to do your Holy work in the world?  Of course not, but it will mean you’ll need to reframe what it means to be a Holy Woman, a good woman, and not in man’s terms, but your own.   

It’s reforming our relationship with God/Source/Spirit/The Divine to know our worthiness deeply.  

It’s re-establishing a new narrative of who we are, who we’re allowed to be, and taking brave action on our dreams.

It’s claiming our power, our ideas, our voices and using them to make a difference  in the world.

➤  It’s tuning into our own wisdom, the Truth God speaks to us, about who we’re here to be!

You are here to share your Wild & Holy Truth – to be your truth, walk your truth, speak your truth, trust your truth, and be the powerful change agent I know your soul calls you to be.

It’s time to let go of the fear of “not enough” and rise in your glory.


Because the truth is, you were born enough, you always have been, and you’re here to redefine what it means to be Holy.


Wild & Holy Truth is your road map to more freedom, more truth, more power, more Divinity.  It’s your path home to who you’ve always been but never been allowed to be.  

It’s your stomping orders straight from God to know who God is to you, how She works in your life, and who you were sent here to be.

It’s reclaiming the religious narrative that said you had to be small, quiet, and perfect to be enough, to be simple, grateful, and selfless so you wouldn’t be too much.  It’s time to reclaim that narrative because God was NEVER playing that game!

Wild & Holy Truth is here to change the way you walk through the world.  It’s not just about building confidence and courage.  It’s building soul level conviction – an unshakeable knowing of who you are and what you deserve and to finally start treating yourself with the grace, compassion, and permission so you can show up fully in the world.

Here’s what we’re unraveling:

  • Who YOU believe God is so you can build a personal relationship.
  • Where YOU believe God is so you can start to hear your own wisdom.
  • Who YOU believe God wants you to be so you can step into your fullest expression.
  • What YOU believe God wants you to have so you can claim all that you desire.
  • What impact YOU believe God wants you to make so you can know your deeper WHY.
  • What it means to be Holy so YOU can trust your own Divinity.
  • What it means to be Wild so YOU can feel FREE.
  • Who God is calling YOU to become so you can start become the LEADER you’re here to be.
  • What you’re being called to embody so YOU can show up BRAVER in the world.

Notice, there’s an emphasis on what YOU believe because I can’t decide these things for you.  If you’re looking for someone to tell you the “truth”, this isn’t for you.  

This program is about discovering your own “truth” because no one can do this for you!  

Feeling triggered yet?  Are you emotionally excited and scared out of your mind all at the same time?  
Good!  This means you’re ready for this work.  This means you know there’s been unrest in you for quite some time with little reconciliation. It means you’ve probably been avoiding these things, questioning these things, struggling with these things and ready to deal with the God stuff because if we’re being honest, the word “God” still holds all kinds of emotional baggage for you and I’m the one God sent to help you unpack it!

Here’s how we work:


  • We meet once a week for eight weeks for a 90 minute group coaching call where we’ll explore the stories we’ve been handed down for generations about what it means to be a woman AND rewrite them.  Coaching calls will be each Tuesday at 5:30 CST.  Our first call is Tuesday, October 23rd.  Our last call is Tuesday, December 12th. 
  • You’ll have a 60 minute call once a week with your Wild & Holy Truth Mini-Mastermind Sisters (5 to a group) where you’ll dive even deeper into the narratives you’re rewriting tapping deep into your own wisdom and learning to trust it as you guide each other home to deeper truth.  Meeting times will be determined together as a group.  We’ll ensure a meeting time that works for EVERYONE!
  • You’ll receive a weekly journaling prompt to take this all deeper + an action step to integrate this work at the soul level
  • You’ll have a prayer prompt each Sunday to help strengthen your faith and trust in God/the Universe and know wholeheartedly how much this magnificent power loves you, supports you, is cheering for you, and is clearing all obstacles in your path so you can be your fullest expression.
  • We’ll have a private FB group of support and coaching throughout our 8 weeks together
  • And some amazing bonuses that are too good to pass up!


This is Wild & Holy Truth, Sister!

I know what’s stopping you from being BRAVER.  I know what’s stopping you from being FREER.  I know what’s stopping you from being WILDER.  And it all comes back to old stories around what it means to be Holy.

Let’s fix that, shall we?



But who am I anyway?


I’m Megan Hale.


A former psychotherapist and relationship coach who transforms the way you relate to yourself, God, and everything in between to change the way you walk through the world.

For six years, I’ve been helping women break free from the stories of not-enough, find their spiritual authenticity, and rise in their fullest expression.  I’ve been called a spiritual doula by many a client for my uncanny and God given talent to help usher your bravest, wildest self into existence.

But it doesn’t stop there, Sister, because it’s my personal mission to help you do your Holy work in the world, to rise in your purpose and stand in your calling with such soul level conviction, you are an unstoppable force of love, truth, and courage.

Welcome to your permission to slip to be all of who you are and know that YOU’RE ENOUGH.  This is what it means to be both Wild & Holy.


Podcast Features | Megan Hale


Let’s Talk Bonuses:



First 10 Women Who Join

Receive a free 60 minute coaching call that can be cashed in 90 days after the end of our program ($375 value) + be first to know when Wild & Holy Weekend Tickets go on sale (Priceless) + the bonus below!

For All Women Who Join

You Receive $300 Wild & Holy Cash to be used for 1:1 coaching AND $100 Wild & Holy Cash to be used toward any live event: Wild & Holy Weekend Retreats scheduled throughout 2018 or Wild & Holy Live scheduled for Fall, 2018! ($400 value)



So, this means…


if you are the first 10 women to get in, you get…

➤  a 60 minute coaching call with me ($375 Value)

➤  first to know when tickets go on sale for the next W&H Weekend (priceless)

➤ plus $300 in W&H cash to be used for 1:1 coaching and $100 W&H cash that can be used on any event, which is 100% transferrable.  ($400 Value)

*** Have a friend who wants to join you for W&H Live? She can use your $100 W&H cash to decrease the price of her ticket!  Have a friend who could totally use some W&H coaching in her life?  You can gift her your $300 W&H cash to decrease the price of her coaching!

Total Bonus Value: $775

But what it really means….


You’re about to change the way you walk through the world.

No more playing the “good girl” script that has kept you small, quiet, and second guessing yourself.

No more questioning your Divinity or skirting around your Spiritual Authenticity. It’s time to OWN it FULLY!

And rise into the most loving, giving, nurturing, empowered, self-confident, wholehearted, do gooding, brave acting, faith walking, spirit led woman you were brought here to be…

➤ Who’s WILD.  
Who’s HOLY.
Who walks her truth, shares her truth, and embodies her truth to usher in a whole new level of leadership.


Your Truth Will Set You Free


And when we talk about freedom, we’re talking about knowing your Spiritual Authenticity, being grounded in your OWN definition of God and Worship, writing a whole new love story between you and the DIVINE, and finally stop doubting the impact you’re to make, but instead completely OWNING IT!

We start October 23 for an unforgettable experience of leaving behind the rules of who you think you should be, what you think you should do, and instead leaning into the truth of who you’re meant to be.

Get ready for 8 weeks of WILD permission and AUTHENTIC worship sure to expand your heart and express your soul to do your HOLY work in the world!






What are we actually covering in this program?

This is a practical spirituality course where you’ll be asked to define God/the Universe on your own terms and build a rock solid relationship with this power in your life.  We’ll be diving into the way our spirituality is the foundation for how we show up in the world and rewriting the rules we’ve been following that have been preventing our fullest expression.

We’ll be diving into more bravery and clarity around how you’re being called to make a difference. We’ll be expanding in our purpose, our calling, and trusting our intuition (even if you think you don’t have any).  We’ll be healing religious wounds that have kept us harboring shame (even in the sneakiest of ways).

We’ll be creating a prayer life/worship practice that is all your own that helps you feel grounded in who you are Spiritually to cultivate deeper faith and trust within yourself, but also your personal belief system.


What if the words “God” or “The Universe” trigger me?

Good!  This is a sign that you’re still carrying old messages around who God is or “supposed to be” in your life.  It’s time to reclaim this narrative and write a new one so you can feel at home spiritually and know where you belong.

Is this only for Christian White Women?

No.  Wild & Holy is a community of diverse women from all religions, races, and backgrounds.  After leading my first Wild & Holy Weekend Retreat, I noticed a commonality amongst the women there.  There were women from all kinds of faiths and backgrounds yet we were all hungry for the same thing – more freedom and bravery to be who we are, and each of us had our own stories to unravel in order to get there.

Wild & Holy Truth holds the space for you to find YOUR TRUTH, to reconcile what it means to be a woman today, to find more freedom here.  We’ll be diving into all the constructs that have been embedded in your family, in your culture, and yes, even in your religion that are preventing you from stepping into your fullest expression.

Your Truth and Your Divinity is already within you.  I simply hold the space to help you own it!


What do you mean when you say the word “God”?

I love this question and I actually did a whole podcast episode on it, which you can tune into here.  I didn’t use the word “God” for almost 20 years because it left such a bad taste in my mouth.  It’s only been this past year that I’ve reclaimed what this word means to me and now use it excitedly and powerfully to affirm what I know to be true.

God is something that means something different to each of us.  When I say the word “God”, it embodies the Universe/Source/Spirit/Divine Beloved/Heavenly Mother/Heavenly Father, and literally any other terms that feel good for me.  What I’m most curious about, however, is what does the word “God” mean to you?


Are you going to push your beliefs on me when it comes to Truth?

I can’t tell you what your Truth is, Sister.  I can only share with you what mine is.  This program is about helping you trust that inner knowing within you and discover the Truth about yourself, God, and everything in between on your own terms.

There is no right or wrong here.  There are no rules for how this work will be done.  The only guideline is that this is a safe space to bring your judgements, bring your hesitations, bring your questions, and bring your hurts.  This is your safe space to explore your spirituality where everything is welcome, nothing is forbidden, and you’re free to define God as you see fit and build your own personal relationship with Him/Her.


What if I’m scared of defining Truth for myself?

Defining Truth for yourself is a foreign concept for many of us, especially when we’re talking about such an emotionally charged concept as God. The fear you may be feeling is part of what you’ve been taught to believe, but if you’re questioning if you’ve been taught the whole truth, you’ve already seen something you can never un-see. You can choose to do nothing and explore no further, which will create unrest for what you truly believe.  Or, you can dive in, find your truth and know wholeheartedly who God is to you.  (I obviously recommend the latter, Seeker!)


Why should I do this program?

I’ve been studying and researching the concepts of enoughness and worthiness for the past 10 years.  I have academic training as a former psychotherapist, professional training as a coach, and immense personal wisdom on how to cultivate enoughness in my own life.  At the foundation of enoughness if our Divinity – our understanding of God and who we’re allowed to be in God’s eyes. Embedded in these understandings are a whole host of rules we’ve been taught as women as to who we’re allowed to be.  If you’re looking for more freedom and more bravery, this is the program that will unlock those things for you.  If you’re looking to find more contentment and make your peace with God, this is the program that will do that for you.  If you’re looking to know more deeply who you are at a soul level and to know what you so wholeheartedly deserve when it comes to love, success, and joy, this is the program that will do that for you.  And lastly, if you’re looking to know more deeply why you’re here, the unique impact you’re supposed to be making in the world AND TRUSTING IT, this is the program that will get you there.

We cannot continue to walk through the world feeling as though only certain parts of us belong. We cannot continue to expect ourselves to show up fully when there are pieces we feel are unholy. We must redefine what holiness means to us and honor the ways we’ve always been holy. It’s this piece especially that is the KEY to showing up more fully, more bravely, and more Wildly in the world. And just in case you were wondering… this is what it means to become your fullest expression and I know if you’re a seeker, there is nothing you want more than to know you’re playing your life full out and making the difference you’re here to make!


Why should I trust you to guide me?

I have no professional spiritual training.  I’m not a minister or reverend nor have I gone to seminary school.  But who I am is a woman who has done an immense amount of work around defining God on my own terms.  I’ve found where I belong within myself and I know my Divinity deeply.  I’ve gone from being angry and resentful at the Universe and feeling truly abandoned and betrayed to knowing that I am Divinely supported in all areas of my life and there is nothing I cannot do.

I embody the wisdom I teach.  I practice the things I’ll be teaching. But more than anything, I create one of the most loving, accepting, encouraging, nonjudgmental spaces I know.  I will guide you home to the truth that lives within you and hold a fierce loving space for you to fully embody it!

Read more on this page about why my clients call me a “spiritual doula” who helps them usher in who they truly are!


If I’ve come to a Wild & Holy Weekend Retreat, will I still get something out of this program?

Oh, girl!  YES.  Our time at W&H Weekend is so unbelievably sacred and you know just as well as I do that the work we do there unleashes something powerful within you, but it still leaves those burning questions of wanting to dive deeper.  This program is that container to do those deep dives and to be in sacred sisterhood for a full two months.  You won’t just leave feeling on Cloud 9 after this program just like you do after W&H Weekend, but you’ll be ready to usher in your next level of Holy Work in the world and step into your leadership even more fully!


Is this program all about spirituality?

Yes and no.  In my mind, everything is spiritual.  Your spirituality defines who you are as a person and how you show up in the world, but along those lines, we’ll also be exploring who your soul is calling you to be, what your soul is calling you to do, and supporting one another as we take courageous action to embody that for ourselves.  Imagine, part worship, part ass-kicking action, part “feel like a friggin’ Queen who has finally arrived”.


Is this program specifically for entrepreneurs?

No.  There are a million and one ways your purpose can manifest itself in the world.  Entrepreneurship (although my favorite) is only one of them.  No matter where you are in your life, if you’re looking for more congruency, integrity, and authenticity around what you believe to be true about yourself, God, and everything in between, this program is for you.  I will say though, don’t be surprised if you awaken to a much deeper calling that asks you to take big leaps on faith and learn to fly in a whole new way!


What if I can’t attend the live coaching calls?

That’s A-Ok, Sister.  The coaching calls are lessons you can listen to at your own convenience.  The first 60-minutes will be me teaching, the last half hour will be laser coaching.  Everyone always gets something powerful out of hearing other people’s questions so even if you can’t attend live, you will still get everything you need out of this program. PROMISE!


What’s the refund policy?

This program has been created for the spiritual seeker who is ready to do her Holy work of diving deeper into her own spirituality so she can show up more fully in the world.  By purchasing this program, you’re affirming your readiness.  Once you purchase, your spot has been exclusively reserved for you so there will be no monetary refunds.   However, if you feel a strong resistance to doing this work once you join, you can exchange your program fee for 1:1 coaching, a live event, or a W&H Weekend Retreat.


Is there a money back guarantee that I’ll get my desired results?

I’d love to be able to guarantee that you’re going to walk away from this program feeling grounded in your truth and embodied in your wisdom. I’d love to guarantee that you will walk fiercer and more bravely through the world feeling 100% clear on who you are and what you’re here to do, but these outcomes largely depend on you and your commitment to the work.  This is a co-creation.  What I can guarantee is that I’ll show up fully, hold a fierce loving space for you to do your own work, and be a powerful guide for your truth as you continue to seek it.  I can guarantee this program will change you and open you, shift you and evolve you.  To what extent will depend greatly on you.


Anything else I should know?

Umm, yes!  I want you to know who you’re working with and what my super power is.  I have an uncanny ability to see what’s possible for people.  I hear the words their soul longs to say.  I see the dream they’re too scared to vocalize.  For years, I’ve called this simply a knowing, but the more I’ve sat with this gift God has given me, the more I know it to be love.  My super power is love – to love you into your best version of self, to hold a vision for you until you’re ready to step into it, to encourage you along your path, and always bring you home to the truth that lives within you.  When you choose to work with me, you’re working with someone who is going to love you, who is going to pour into you, who is going to mirror back your power over and over again until you start to trust it.

We all gifts in this world and mine just so happens to be love.  So be prepared for that!  It’s my superpower and it literally transforms lives by giving you the permission to fully step into yours!


I still have more Q’s.  Who do I reach out to?

Email me, Sister.
 We’ll get all your Q’s squared away so you can join us with peace of mind.


So… are you ready to be more WILD & HOLY?

Let’s do this and usher in a new wave of truth, YOUR TRUTH so you can do your HOLY WORK in the world!