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Why You Struggle Finding Your Purpose

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Purpose is a tricky animal. It can be elusive, is ever evolving, and is far too simple that we make far too complex. Most of us think it must be this huge, sparkly endeavor that has all of these powerful words and phrases that make it incredibly unique, but that’s where we get it wrong. Purpose doesn’t have any of those things. It’s short. It’s simple. It’s a concept. YOU are what make it unique. So why do you struggle finding your purpose? I’ll give you a few reasons.

First off, purpose isn’t something that you find. It’s something you awaken to. It’s within you all along waiting for you to have enough life experiences to fully emerge. Our purpose comes from our struggle. If you can’t see your struggles as the gifts and wisdom they are, you’re missing the entire point of why you went through all of it in the first place.

Second, you haven’t done the inner work to awaken to your passions. Awakening to your purpose means getting in touch with your passions. This is a higher level need that will never be available to you until you’ve done the inner work to clear out all the baggage, to heal, to integrate, to gain closure so you can focus your soul’s energy on new matters. You don’t have to do this 100% as that does not exist, but you do have to spend enough time claiming ownership of your life to begin to awaken to your passions.

Third, you don’t trust what the Universe tells you over and over and over again. Your purpose has been mirrored to you countless times, but if you’re too bogged down in what it is to “be you”, you won’t have the capacity nor the objectivity to be aware of the messages the Universe is sending. Even when you do receive the messages, you’ll discard them because you won’t believe you’re capable of what the Universe is asking of you.

Fourth, you’re still cultivating self-worth in believing that you have potential that is far bigger than you’ve dared to imagine. When you can stand in your greatness, this is when purpose is awakened and carries you places you’ve only dreamed of. You have to learn how to be your biggest champion, not your biggest critic. The grand majority of the population will never awaken to their purpose for this very reason. They aren’t willing to do the inner work that’s needed to establish their self-worth and learn to speak to themselves with compassion. This is perhaps the basis of everything.

So if you’re struggling “finding” your purpose, re-evaluate your life experiences. What nuggets of wisdom have you gained by simply experiencing your life as a whole? What needs cleansing, healing, closure so you can move on to bigger and better things? What have people told you over and over and over again that you’ve devalued? What negative thought patterns do you need to reconcile in order to establish healthier self-worth?

Purpose is meant for everyone. Everyone has a purpose, but if you want to awaken to yours, you must do the work for it to be revealed to you. You are meant to do big things in this world, but it is only through your personal wisdom, belief in your worth, and being spiritually awake to yourself that you will find it. Ready to do the work? I’d love to talk! I love nothing more than awakening people to their potential, giving words to their dreams, helping them become whole all by creating the space for their purpose to emerge.

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