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Why Hiring a Life Coach Will Change Your Life

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I think everyone on this planet should have a life coach. Yes, I said it. I also think everyone should have to wait tables at least once in their life, volunteer at a homeless shelter, and travel to a 3rd world country. Why? Because these experiences drastically impact your perspective on the world and how you operate in it.

Life coaching is no different. In fact, I’d even wager that life coaching is much more of a transformational process because it’s all about you, your goals, your life, your patterns, and getting what you want out of life.

What’s even better is that a life coach is your partner in crime in making it all happen.

Coaches are there to offer perspective, to provide space to do some internal work, to maximize your potential, to love yourself more deeply, and reach your accomplishments faster and with more support.

I asked a few of my life coaching friends why someone should hire a life coach and this is what they shared:

“In any area of your life that you want to improve (health, business, relationships, etc) – hiring someone that is ahead of you on that same journey and has the expertise will speed up the amount of time it takes you to get there. No one has ever been successful doing something on their own. We all need coaches!” Julie Gohring

“To bring out your brilliance, to call you on your shit, and to challenge you.” Kelsey Abbott

“Objectivity, Accountability, Quick.” Dianne Harrison

“For awesome accountability, you’ll have eyes and perspective to see what you can’t, and it’s so lovely to have someone in your corner ALWAYS” Sally Mercedes

“To help you see the bigger picture, to help you stay on track when times get tough, and to be a 3rd party that is not personally wrapped up in whatever your challenge is.” Audrey Holst

“Accountability, Visioning – able to help you give language to the vision you want for your life, kick-in-the-butt support along the way” Makeda Pennycooke

“To get faster and smarter to your desired goal” Iva Tarle

“Star athletes hire coaches, collaboration is key, and you have better things to do with your time than try to figure everything out on your own!” Michelle Bobrow

There are so many coaches out there who are incredibly supportive, who genuinely care about your success, and have been called to hold space for others to create the kind of life they want.
They’re there to offer you emotional support when trying to make life changes. They’re there to hold your vision for you even when you feel like giving up. They’re there to offer you expertise in getting where you want to go. They’re there to tell you when you’re selling yourself short and not playing to win.

Hiring a life coach is like hiring someone to be in your corner. You don’t have to go at life alone, nor should you. It’s always so much easier with support, sometimes just to know it’s there for you when you need it.

It’s my personal philosophy that life’s too short to wonder “what if” or wonder “what’s wrong”. We’re all capable of getting in there and figuring it out. Those who hire a life coach simply tend to do it quicker and with a lot more ease than forging it alone.

So, are you ready for a life coach? Read my article, “6 Signs You’re Ready for a Life Coach” to find out!

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