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Announcing the Wild & Holy Truth 4 Day Challenge!

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Hello Friends! I am so excited about our mini-episode today and I can’t wait to share what I’ve been cooking up for all of us.

As you all know…. The past three years have been such a personal journey of mine of unraveling the concept of enoughness and how we cultivate it to live lives that are in line with who we’re here to be.

Last year, was a huge unraveling for me personally as I realized one of the biggest pieces of cultivating enoughness is having a deep understanding of your truth and most importantly your Divinity.

This is why Wild & Holy Weekend exists, why Wild & Holy Radio exists, and now why Wild & Holy Truth exists – a free four day challenge that helps you know your truth, trust your truth, and own your truth so you can be more Wild & Holy.

This challenge came out of a desire to help you tap into your own wisdom and more importantly learn to trust it.

One of the most empowering things we can do is stop abandoning ourselves by pushing down our truth. If we’re here to expand into our fullest expressions, which I believe we all are! (I’m looking at you Soul Seeker!), truth is the foundation for doing that. And trusting it is the vehicle that allows you to not just dream about the person you want to be and life you want to have, but actually fully create it!

On September 26th – 29th…


we’ll be joining together for 4 days of truth with a simple assignment each day that will take no longer than 15 minutes.

If you’ve ever done one of my challenges or courses before, you know I have an uncanny knack for asking some of the most powerful questions that lead to blow your mind clarity, feed your soul action, and you walk away feeling more empowered and inspired to be the person you’re here to be.

This challenge will be no different! Except I’m bringing the past 3 years of wisdom with me this time and it’s going to be SO GOOD!

But…. It gets even better. It’s been on my heart for some time now to offer a way for others to do this Wild and Holy Work who aren’t able to join me for a Wild and Holy weekend or 1:1 coaching.

So, I’ve created a beautiful, glorious, sing to your soul group experience that I’ll be talking about in a couple of weeks all geared toward helping you trust your truth even more so you can do your Holy work in the world.

We’ll be diving into the most potent stories that are keeping you stuck and once and for all reclaim those narratives that keep you doubting your divinity and if I must say so myself…. This program is my best work yet!

The person who shares this challenge the MOST is also going to win a free seat into this program. It is SO incredibly important to me that more and more of us are awakening to our truth and living it. It is only by doing this that we become the potent forces of change and love this world so desperately needs, and what makes this even better is that we get the deep soul level satisfaction of knowing we are living into who we’re here to be and nothing is a fulfilling as feeling as if you’ve arrived!

This is why this Wild & Holy Work won’t just change the rest of this year, Sister but blow 2018 out of the friggin’ water!!

I’ll be announcing all the details on how to win in your inbox later this week, but this challenge is going to be SO powerful and SO transformative for how you walk through the world!!!

Are you ready to be more Wild & Holy, girlfriend? More embodied, more confident, more certain with more faith, more trust and less fear and less doubt? This is the challenge that will help you get there!

We’re getting started September 26th and I can’t wait to see you there.

Tell a friend, bring a friend and most importantly bring yourself because we’re about to dive into what it means to be Wild & Holy and I can’t wait for you to live your truth bravely in the world !

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