You’re here to help support Wild & Holy Radio and for that, I thank you!  

Just like Facebook, iTunes looks for new podcasts that get a lot of engagement to determine if they’re content is worthy of sharing with others.  But unlike “likes” or “shares”, iTunes looks for episode downloads, subscriptions, and reviews!

The following walks you through how to do all three as part of helping Wild & Holy Radio reach other spiritual seekers and the religious and curious who are passionate about living their truth, being their fullest expression, and doing their Holy work in the world.

*** If you’re not an iPhone user and still want to help: visit Wild & Holy Radio on iTunes here, login to your iTunes account, and follow Steps 5-8 below.

Here’s how you can help: 

To access podcasts on your iPhone:


1. Find the icon that looks like this —>






2.   Once you’ve opened up the podcasts on your iPhone, you simply go to the search icon in the bottom right corner that looks like this:

3.   Tap the Search icon and then type Wild & Holy Radio in the search bar when it pops up.

4.  You’ll see the podcast come up with its icon, which looks like this:


5.  Click on the icon.  Then go to where it says “SUBSCRIBE“.  Click on Subscribe and you’ll never miss an episode!


6.  To download episodes, click the “cloud” icon on the far right for each episode.


7.  After listening, leave a review on iTunes by clicking “REVIEWS” and then click “WRITE A REVIEW” like this:


8.  The “Write a Review” screen will pop up.  First, you’ll rate it with the number of stars and then write your review

Thank you SO MUCH for your support! I’ll see you every Monday for a new episode as we grow our wings together in being our fullest expression <3