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Ep 1: Welcome to Wild & Holy Radio – The Realest Conversation on Spirituality, Living Your Truth, and Honoring Your Soul

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I feel like I want to shout that from the rooftops.  Hello, friends!  It feels like it’s been so long since I’ve been off the air with the finale of The Enoughness Revolution, but in reality, it’s only been about 6 weeks.  Can you believe it?


Since then, I’ve hosted my first Wild & Holy Weekend, which was a smashing success, and announced the next one happening in Austin, TX on September 22nd-24th.  Together, we’ll be diving into Expansion and Expression and I can hardly wait to dive into truth from this angle.  Find out more about Wild & Holy Weekend by watching this beautiful, moving video below or claim your spot here!  As of today, there are just 8 spots left!

But Wild & Holy Weekend wasn’t the only amazing thing that happened since I’ve been off air.  I also announced I’m expecting my next child!  I’m due in January and both Breck and I are over the moon excited.  I couldn’t not share the adorableness of sharing the news with my family.  Give it a look down below.  You’ll be glad you did!

So what can you expect on Season 1 of Wild & Holy Radio?


I’ve been thinking a lot about that.  This podcast to me has depth and breadth, but a focused agenda of spirituality, living your truth, and honoring your soul.

Throughout Season 1, I’ll be interviewing authors, speakers, spiritual teachers, and other inspiring individuals on the spiritual tools of discernment, cultivating faith, defining God, trusting the Universe, opening to life’s magic, and opening to love.  But that’s not all we’ll be talking about.

In fact, it’s quite impossible for me to put all that Wild & Holy is going to hold.  It’s for the spiritual seekers and the religious and curious who want to have a deeper relationship with God and a deeper relationship with themselves.  It’s for those who want to know their Divinity intimately and expand into their fullest expression.

Wild & Holy isn’t like any other spiritual podcast out there.   It’s a little rock and roll and a whole lot of soul and most definitely a “come as you are, you’re enough as you are” kind of community.

Here’s how you can help!


As with any new podcast, downloads and reviews are the most helpful!  Yet, I also know not everyone knows exactly how to do that in iTunes.  There may even be some of you who are still figuring out how to download podcasts to your device.   Either way, I have you covered!  Follow the images and directions below to subscribe to Wild & Holy, download your first few episodes, and leave a review.

It’s my goal to be an open door community for all seekers.  And I’m not going to by shy about asking for your help!  Please share this podcast with a friend.  Share it with your email list.  Share it with other seekers who crave a purpose-driven life, more faith, and less doubt, and who have a passion for being their fullest expression.  My gratitude knows no limits for your support!

Here’s to an amazing first season on Wild & Holy Radio!!

To access podcasts on your iPhone:


1. Find the icon that looks like this —>






2.   Once you’ve opened up the podcasts on your iPhone, you simply go to the search icon in the bottom right corner that looks like this:

3.   Tap the Search icon and then type Wild & Holy Radio in the search bar when it pops up.

4.  You’ll see the podcast come up with its icon, which looks like this:


5.  Click on the icon.  Then go to where it says “SUBSCRIBE“.  Click on Subscribe and you’ll never miss an episode!


6.  To download episodes, click the “cloud” icon on the far right for each episode.


7.  After listening, leave a review on iTunes by clicking “REVIEWS” and then click “WRITE A REVIEW” like this:


8.  The “Write a Review” screen will pop up.  First, you’ll rate it with the number of stars and then write your review

That’s it, Soul Seeker!  Thank you.


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