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We Need To Talk About Beyoncé

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We need to talk about Beyoncé. (Several things to dive into as I’m processing it all.)
I didn’t watch the Grammy’s last night except for Queen B’s performance and before I knew it, the internet was ablaze over “who does she think she is?” and “oh my God, I can’t believe she did that!”
Some likened her to the Virgin Mary while others, the Goddess Oshun and while some praised her boldness in owning her holiness, others shunned her for it and I can’t help but wonder why.
It’s an interesting time we live in as women. So many of us are chomping at the bit to break free from patriarchal constrictions, which means owning our power and embodying it.
And here’s Beyoncé doing just that in all her pregnant glory and it rubs some of us the wrong way.
Is it sacrilege to consider ourselves holy? To own our power and beauty as women? To liken ourselves to the Madonna? That we must be pure and virginal in order to be worthy? My own projections of course….
These concepts are things I’m currently exploring within Christianity right now and one of the books I’m reading, The Gospel of Gabriel, is offering a lot of perspective.
One of the wounds I carry and am healing is how patriarchy has used religion to keep women small and shamed.
One of the reasons the Virgin Mary is put on a pedestal is because she is the mother of Christ, but do we not all have the capacity to give birth to God’s love in all it’s many forms?
Isn’t Mary but an empowering metaphor for our capacity in the world as women? That we can give the most powerful gift to the world without the help of any man?
It’s interesting to me the criticism that Beyoncé is receiving – like how dare she insinuate that she is the Virgin Mary. Does that mean she thinks her children are the son of God?
Well, aren’t they? Aren’t we all?
Does that mean she thinks she is a saint? A savior?
Do we not all have that capacity to be a savior for the world?
Does it highlight the ways we hide from our own power when we see another woman owning hers?
Questions I’m pondering this morning in my own personal journey.

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