Ever feel like everything has to change for life to feel easier and you to feel happier?

I used to think that too.

I’d spend hours crafting plan after plan about what needed to change, but fail every single time falling back into the old patterns of

  • overwhelm
  • exhaustion
  • putting myself last
  • feeling depleted and stuck wondering if things were ever really going to change

That was until I realized it was never about a complete overhaul… (lightbulb!)

It was about making a 20-degree shift instead.

Want more joy?

How about more guilt free freedom?

  • Creating more joy doesn’t have to be complicated.
  • Creating a life that honors your soul is a lot closer than you think!

And it all starts with implementing the Soul Shift Method™, a two-layer process that creates Wild Radical Joy by helping you release the guilt that’s keeping you stuck and honor your soul instead.


+ Prioritizing what brings you joy without the guilt and without the shoulds
+ Starting and ending your day self-indulgently instead of the to-do list that’s on repeat in your head
+ Feeling calm and at ease instead stressed out and stuck
+ Feeling free to pursue what your soul really wants instead of being depleted, tired, and overwhelmed
+ Having a deeper connection to who you are, what you love, and what actually brings you joy
+ Having delicious boundaries that protect your priorities (and your people) so they get the attention they deserve


Wild Radical Joy has taken me from…


living 90 mph NEVER taking time for myself because there was always so much to do to: 

  • Slow, calm, and peaceful mornings (even with an infant!)
  • Plenty of time and space to nurture my body with workouts and healthy eating
  • Delicious connection time with my hubby over long dinners and music
  • Enjoying wine under the stars in the middle of the week
  • Candlelit yoga before bed
  • Time to read my favorite books (even fiction!)
  • Baths in the middle of the afternoon
  • Trading in 15 hour work days for a 15 HOUR WORK WEEK while still running a business, hosting a podcast, and writing a book!  I’m giving you FULL access below!

What would Wild Radical Joy look like for you?


Wild Radical Joy | Megan Hale

Here’s what I know –

We are notorious for WHITE-KNUCKLING it through life, womanhood (and especially motherhood)

We have major issues making our lives easier because we think there’s some medal of honor for struggling (THERE ISN’T)

We spend far more time avoiding pain vs. pursuing pleasure because we’ve lost touch with the permission we need to be indulgent

We wait until things are beyond bad before we take action to do something different

We settle for what is vs. creating what could be

We lose touch with who we are, what we love, and what brings us joy because we put everyone else before ourselves

We think choosing ourselves is selfish instead of selfless and good women always think of others first

We measure our worthiness with how much we get done instead of how much pleasure we experience

How do I know?

Radical Self-Indulgence | Megan Hale

Because I’ve lost myself and had to find myself by reclaiming who I am, what I love, and pursuing a life that’s built on joy.

If we’re just now meeting, I’m Megan Hale, Retired Psychotherapist and Enoughness Coach™ who has helped hundreds of women create lives that honor their soul.


For the past five years, I’ve been working with women to help them have more soul and less shoulds, more joy and less guilt, more bravery and less fear to pursue the life they deserve.  Women who…


  • Have high power and stressful jobs
  • Own their own businesses
  • Are stay at home moms
  • Are working 9-5 with dreams of something more

I can’t wait to dive deep into the Soul Shift Method™ and help you create the same!  


Podcast Features | Megan Hale


And some pretty phenomenal things happen when we start to Soul Shift for more joy!

Megan Hale TestimonialMegan Hale | Testimonial

Megan Hale Testominial

Megan Hale | Testimonial









Wild Radical Joy gives you access to the Soul Shift Method™ and 2P Framework for more joy and less guilt in 5 weeks without completely overhauling your life or spending hours you don’t have to make changes that feel impossible to make!

Imagine if a 20% shift could give you a life that:

Feels the way you want it to feel
Is full of ease and pleasure instead of stress and guilt
Gives you more quality time with those you love, including yourself
Transforms the way you live your life so pleasure comes first instead of last
Gives you permission to ask for help instead of trying to do everything yourself
Allows you to be more patient instead of high-strung and stabby
Opens you to peace and calm instead of being rushed and overwhelmed
Is full of healthy boundaries that protect your priorities and your people
Is way more FUN and EXCITING instead of to-do lists and adult-ing
Has far more meaning and purpose instead of monotony
Begins and ends with you and your needs instead of everyone else’s

Here’s what you’ll be putting into practice:

  • The 2P Framework to more joy, why you need it, and how to get it
  • The art of permission to give yourself anything you want, whenever you want without the guilt (This is HUGE!)
  • How to prioritize your dream life while still getting all the other important things done because…. real life!
  • How to become a more present parent, partner, sister, and friend so you’re calm and at ease no matter what’s going on
  • How to transform your life by making 2 daily shifts
  • How to experience more joy, more often, more consistently, NOW!
  • How to create a life that honors your soul instead of the shoulds for more joy, more freedom, more ease, more often
  • How to get crystal clear on your values and virtues necessary for a life by your own rules instead of everyone else’s
  • How to put all this into action so you have more joy and less guilt in 5 weeks or less

Wild Radical Joy | Megan Hale


Get on the VIP list now and get immediate access to my 15 hour work week that shows how I’ve gone from 15 hour days to a glorious, self-indulgent, guilt free week while still being a mom, wife, business owner, daughter, sister, and friend using the Soul Shift Method™ I’ll be teaching in Wild Radical Joy!

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