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Having interviewed over 100 high-earning, high-achieving women on The Enoughness Revolution who have turned their passion and purpose into a lucrative and impactful business, a few things have become evidently clear.  If you want the success and fulfillment so many of us are after, it all starts with a solid foundation for how you first show up for yourself and then show up for the world.  Every single woman I’ve interviewed has had similar journeys and experiences on their climb to the top.  They’ve had their own obstacles and challenges, but have all used the same core principles to overcome them as they continue to expand in their own leadership.

If you’re looking to make it big in business and in life, here are their top 10 secrets for creating success and fulfillment and achieving anything you desire.

  1.  They maintain their own practices, rituals, and habits that sustain their success.  
    Almost every single woman I’ve interviewed has had a “come to Jesus” moment where she hits a wall of burn out, fatigue, and sometimes even a full on health crisis. The “go, go, go” and “do, do, do” patterns that most of us have been engrained with eventually run us all into the ground, which is why top-earners have a healthy and substantial self-care practice that is front and center on their priority list.  From “Miracle Mornings” to meditation to mantras, these women know to take care of themselves first if they want to build impact, up level with grace and ease, and create a legacy that serves millions.
  2. They’ve created their own love story with money and power.
    As women, many of us have shame around money and power and see these things as something that’s shallow or self-serving.  But not top-earners.   They’ve fallen in love with money (and lots of it) and the power it brings to serve their purpose more boldly in the world.  They’ve released the blocks around receiving large quantities and asking for large quantities and make no apologies for being wealthy, financially astute, and for manifesting cold hard cash.  They’ve mastered the money mindset that allows them to scale their business and thus their vision allowing money to support them and grow them.  They talk about money, dream about money, love up on money and not surprisingly, it loves them right back.
  3. They have tight boundaries around their energy and focus.
    Instead of doing it all to have it all, these women know that the only way to get it all is if they’re extremely guarded around their energy and focus, which means saying “no” A LOT.  They may have multiple projects going on at once, but you can be assured they also have a team surrounding them to make it all happen.  They ask for help often and hire out tasks that don’t serve their greatest good.  They see the value in niching down into their area of expertise so they don’t become a jack of all trades and a master of none.  They’re vigilant about not putting too much on their plate and take regular self-inventories for potential energy leaks, overcommitments, and needless obligations.  They don’t let guilt run their decisions and they surely don’t let the fear of missing out feed impulsive decisions.  They’re deliberate, intentional, and compassionate, but know how to honor themselves, honor their time, and honor their resources by maintaining strong boundaries.
  4. They have a big vision and take even bigger risks.
    Every woman I’ve talked to has had to allow herself to be seen and heard and to dream beyond what she thinks is possible.  She’s had to take massive action, courageous action, vulnerable action, and incredible risks to see her dream come to life.  She sees herself as resilient and courageous and has built immense trust in herself and most often times, trust in the Universe/God that every aligned action holds something of value.   She doesn’t let set backs keep her from her mission.  She’s an expert at seeing the positive in negative situations and doesn’t believe in failure.  This mindset alone allows her to catapult herself in the direction of her dreams knowing whether she lands or falls, she’ll always end up back on her feet.  She doesn’t back down from visibility or putting herself out there.  She’s so deeply connected to her “why” that the risk of putting herself on a stage outweighs the comfort of playing it safe.
  5. They practice vulnerability.
    Fear and uncertainty?  These women see this as part of the game and instead of running from it or wishing it didn’t exist, they’ve learned how to embrace it, work with it, lean into it, and release it on a daily basis.  They know embracing their fear can sometimes offer great insights and gifts they otherwise wouldn’t have access to and instead of trying to keep it all together pretending that fear and uncertainty don’t have an impact, they’ve built a solid network of women they can rely on when they need to let it all hang out, need to shift their energy, or need to have a good cry so they can step more fully into their power.  They don’t see vulnerability as a weakness.  Instead, they see it as a strength to be more courageous, more authentic, more in tune, and more aligned.  They see vulnerability as the tool that connects them with their truth and allows them to embrace their imperfections instead of running from them.  They practice vulnerable leadership by being honest with themselves and others, owning up to their mistakes, expressing their feelings in an assertive way, and encouraging others to do the same.
  6. They stand in their expertise.
    This secret, in particular, is a game changer between moderate success and soul-altering success.  Why?  Because this is where embodiment comes into play and instead of relying on credentials or experience to support their expertise, they stand in their value as women and the impact they bring.  They draw on their own wisdom, their unique approach, their own confidence, and even more so, their own conviction of who they are and what they’re here to do.  Their expertise comes from a solid understanding of their purpose and knowing that only they can do that thing they do and there is no competition.
  7. “Should’s”, “Need To’s”, “Have To’s”, and “Supposed To’s” don’t guide their decisions.
    Every single woman I’ve interviewed has had a HUGE reckoning with the old stories of who she thought she needed to be in order to be successful, happy, and fulfilled. She’s rejected the things that insult her soul, let go of the “how”, and forged her own way.  She’s opened herself to trusting her own instincts and does things on her own terms, on her own time, and in her own way.  Some people tell her she’s stubborn, hard-headed, and even overly determined.  But to her, she’s grounded, focused, and true to how she works best and cuts out all the noise.
  8. They make decisions based on intuition vs. only logical thought.
    One of our greatest assets as women is the heightened gift of intuition, to be deeply connected with our wisdom and trusting the guidance that comes through.  High-earners and high-achievers tap into this gift daily to help guide them in the directions that are right for them and right for their business.  They take their intuitive hits seriously and are quick to back out if something “doesn’t feel right”.  In fact, that’s reason enough to slow down, reassess, and realign before making that next move.   No other justification needed.
  9. They don’t base their worth/deservingness on external factors.
    These women are comfortable with not being liked.  They have depersonalization down to a science.  They don’t get caught up in comparison often nor do they see other women as competition.  They don’t base their worth on their weight, their bank account, their beauty, or personal belongings.  They have a healthy relationship with their lovability, divinity, and creativity and see themselves as worthy of their desires simply because it’s a birthright.  They’ve worked hard to release blocks and shame that keep them from their potential and see their mistakes as their strengths that catapult them forward vs. holding them prisoner.
  10. They’ve done massive inner work to release their limitations.
    This is the heart and soul of The Enoughness Revolution – the inner work that gets the outer results.  I’ve been amazed at how much work these women have been willing to do on themselves in order to up level into the success and happiness they desire.  They’ve done inner child work, shame work, money mindset work, spiritual cleansing, clarity work, purpose work, energetic work, you name it.  But the work doesn’t stop there.  The highest-earners I’ve talked to continue on their path of spiritual awakening, personal development, and owning their power as women  peeling back layer after layer to release deeper limitations as they continue to step up more boldly and bravely into the work they’re meant to do.  They have a strong sense of self, are armored with multiple self-help tools, and have an authentic desire to expand into their highest potential, broadest impact, and deepest service.  But mostly, they prioritize this work on themselves knowing they are their best investment and it shows.

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