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The Truth About Progress + Perfection

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As high-achievers, we want everything to be just right. Any deviation feels like a landslide. It’s easy to see all the steps we take backward forgetting all the steps we’ve taken forward.

We want to get to a point where we’ve finally arrived, where everything is just right and stays just right.

Any time we slide backward, we feel like we’re never going to get there. We’ll never reach our sought after perfection: where we no longer have to try to be perfect… we just are.

Sound familiar?


It’s almost like the fact that it takes effort only serves to remind us that we aren’t perfect

Because if we really were perfect, it'd be easy. Life would be easy. Happiness, success, and fulfillment would be EASY.Click To Tweet

Why do we do this to ourselves? We try so hard to squash out our humanness hoping one day we’ll be able to escape the negative feelings that exist, that we’ll live on a pink cloud of rainbows and unicorns (because who wouldn’t want a unicorn?).

And we honestly believe that if we can just reach this state of perfection, we’ll never have to feel anything bad. That’s why we strive so hard. It’s just another way to try to avoid feeling the hard stuff.

But, that’s not how enoughness works dear one.

Enoughness says we can feel the tough stuff and we’re still ok. In fact, we’re more than ok.

We’re courageous. We’re bold. We’re awake. We’re alive.

And, in fact, it’s here that we actually open up fully to all life has to offer us.

Because… we can’t selectively numb our feelings. We can’t just avoid the bad without also watering down the good and so it is with courage that we feel the tough ones that we also feel the amazing ones.

And if ever there was something to strive for, it would be to feel the good stuff wide openly, OUTRAGEOUSLY OPEN as Tosha Silver says, because isn’t that what makes it worth it?

Perfection keeps us from it. It stamps out our chance at actually experiencing joy. It steals it in an instant when we poo-poo on our success by focusing on our “areas for improvement”.

Perfection always asks of something more of you. It tells you good enough is never enough.Click To Tweet It tells you to try harder, do better, become bigger, make more, look thinner, be a more competent parent because clearly that’s easy to do.

Perfection minimizes your progress, dear sister. And just when you think you’ve found your enoughness, perfection will reel it’s ugly head pulling you back down to shame.

But, it’s in these moments that we must stand strong and remind ourselves that

we ARE ENOUGH just as we are.

That we no longer let perfection hold any power. That it’s but an ugly little gremlin that lives in this false reality and it’s A OK to simply tell it to F* off! and tell it regularly.

Because perfection has no room for acknowledged progress.

It has no room for joy.

And just in case you didn’t know, you deserve joy!  And you surely deserve the feeling of being ENOUGH!

So, set new standards for yourself where you’re allowed to be a work in progress because I assure you WE ALL ARE. Allow yourself to be gloriously messy and imperfect. Allow good enough to be ENOUGH because it is!

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