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So You’re Ready To Go Deeper?

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Get ready to get down and dirty

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What happens when we start to claim our enoughness is we start to attend to that little piece of ourselves that feels she always has to hustle.

We’ll calmly tell her she can put down her sword, she no longer has to battle and although that’s exactly what she wants, what she’s been waiting for her whole life, she’ll find it hard to live her life at peace.

She’ll wrestle sitting in her enoughness.


She’ll question it.  She’ll flat out ask you, “are you sure this is ok?”

She won’t quite know what to do with herself and what you need from her, but it’s her that needs something from you.

She’s so used to giving, giving, giving, it will feel foreign for her to receive.  It’ll make her feel uncomfortable and unsure almost like really accepting a compliment for the first time in her life.

She’ll question how important she really is finding it hard to believe that little ole’ her is actually worth so much attention, love, and grace.

She’ll find it difficult to allow herself to feel it and she’ll wonder, “what do I do now that I’m enough?”

What do I do with all the “what if’s” and “shoulds” and “supposed to’s”?  “Can I really just be as I am, where I am and that really is enough?”

She’ll have so many questions for you when you’ve done the healing.  And just like you would speak to a child, you’ll tell her she’s more than ok and it’s more than ok.

You’ll assure her she is enough because you’ll finally believe it.


You’ll know it. And there is no greater love than that that goes 5 layers deeper beyond outer confidence and assuredness.

It’s something bigger altogether.

What happens at this moment is a freedom and healing you’ve never known.  For the first time in your life, you’ll know exactly what she needs.  You’ll be deeply connected to this part of yourself.

And as quickly as you let up and let her be on her own, she’ll pull you back to remind you that she needs you to stay close to her.  She needs your guidance.  She needs your reassurance that she really is ok.  And she’ll need it until she doesn’t.

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But she’ll feel stronger and you’ll feel stronger.


You’ll feel more complete and whole than you’ve ever felt. You’ll be keenly more aware when you slip back into your old patterns and having done the work, you know how to expertly correct it.

You know how to find your ground again, how to come back to you again when the world starts to pull you away.

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And when you get to this place, miracles start to happen and this is where the story gets really, really good…

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