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I see you Visionary Leader,

The Heart-Centered Entrepreneur who deeply desires to make an impact and be Divinely rewarded for it.

There’s just one thing that stops you from getting there: the doubt.

The pesky little thoughts of “I’m not good enough – pretty enough, talented enough, decisiveness enough, consistent enough, experienced enough, smart enough, different enough” to make it work.

Somewhere along the way, you stopped believing in your magic and possibilities, stopped listening to your intuition, stopped trusting in your truth.


They never stopped believing and trusting in you.



It’s just your story that isn’t.



I’m Megan Hale, an Enoughness Coach™️ and Fierce Feminine Leadership Mentor who teaches her clients how to rewrite the stories of “not enough” so they can embrace everything they are, find purity in their purpose, and cultivate the confidence to live their powerful dream life NOW with a business that supports it!

Because for too long you’ve

  • Bought course after course and NEVER fully implemented the content
  • Stayed stuck learning, learning, learning and still hesitate taking ACTION
  • Hired coach after coach and NEVER  gotten the results you really wanted
  • Wavered on your niche and purpose more times than you can count
  • Changed business directions far too many times
  • Had cycles of wanting to quit and just get a “normal” job
  • Had clarity for a moment only to lose it a week or two later (frustrating, right?!)
  • Copied successful people’s model thinking it’d work for you too
  • Spent more time consuming other people’s content instead of creating your own
  • Spent hours on social media with practically NOTHING to show for it
  • And seriously considered if success is only meant for other other people. But what about you?

And that’s not exactly the vision you had for yourself when you set out on this journey, is it?  Instead, you pictured dreams of purpose and impact.  Dreams that created the success you desired.

Dreams like:

  • Having that $20k launch over and over again so you can give back to the world in the way you desire
  • Enrolling those high end clients who can’t wait to work with you so they too can serve their purpose
  • Knowing your niche and your message so you can really step up and serve
  • Getting incredibly visible with your purpose to attract your tribe: the people that need you
  • Having a killer brand that has YOU written all over it
  • Going on that luxury retreat abroad you’ve been lusting after
  • Increasing your rates and standing in them confidently to prevent burnout
  • Owning your expertise and become well known for your impact
  • Selling out your offerings, creating that next “big” thing, and finally reaping those rewards of that 20 hour work week

Because it’s not just the business success you’re after although being wildly financially supported is nice.

It’s also about being spiritually fulfilled, spiritually aligned, and spiritually supported in the process.

You’re ready to know your truth + trust your wisdom.
You’re ready to know your power + take bold action.
You’re ready to own who you are as a woman + be part of a sisterhood that witnesses your beauty.




But you seriously wonder if you can do it.  

And that’s why I’m here

and what the SISTERHOOD is all about!



I’ve worked with countless women on finding their truth and claiming their enoughness and every single time it comes back to a story (or stories) they’ve been holding onto for far too long on who they need to be and what they’re supposed to do to be enough.

  • These stories keep you chasing after things in the wrong way. Instead of owning who you are and bringing your whole self to the table, you keep leaving pieces of yourself hidden never feeling completely whole.  You don’t feel confident putting yourself out in the world.  You’re afraid of rejection.  Afraid of failure. (or is it of success?)
  • You keep working from a place of hustle and fear instead of trust and ease.  You work to a place of exhaustion without ever really getting anywhere.
  • You keep proving to yourself that you deserve the dreams you want instead of simply going after them.

And all this because you don’t truly TRUST yourself.  (And I know this because I’ve been there!) 

So instead of serving your purpose in the world and making an impact

Instead of building that dream business you know is possible

Instead of moving closer to the life you know you’re meant to have…

You stay stuck in the story of “not enough” that keeps you from everything you want. 

So imagine what happens when you rewrite the story from

  “I’ll be enough when…

to “I’m enough right now!”


Because this is where the magic happens!


You become:

  • Unstoppable in reaching any dream you could ever have
  • Open to finally receiving the financial abundance you’ve been dreaming of
  • Trusting in your purpose and ability to fulfill it
  • Incredibly more visible in sharing your message with the world
  • A magnet for the things you really want
  • Success becomes easy.  Your dreams start to manifest.  Your power increases ten fold.
  • You step into the person your dreams need you to be.




And dreams, abundance, power, and freedom? 

A sweet, soul level HELLO!!



I see you, Lovely. Dreaming, trying, slaving away.  And I know at times you feel as though you’re never going to get there, maybe you aren’t cut out for this, maybe you should give up now before more time passes you by.  But don’t give up just yet.  Because believe it are not, you are meant for this.  You are so enough.  It’s just your story that isn’t.  Trust me!


Enoughness work is one part strategy, one part soul,

and all parts radical transformation.


This is not another program on mantras, affirmation, and manifesting.  It’s a real deal solution to ending the patterns that keep derailing you from your success.

Here’s why:

The reason all the tools you’ve been using have never created the traction you’ve been wanting is because you’re never healing the old story.

When an old story is still in need of healing, it prevents a new belief from being true no matter how many times you try and prove it wrong.

This is why we go in, do the work, heal the story, rewrite it, and create the space you’ve always needed for a new truth to rise.

The outcome?

You no longer see the old story as your truth.  You become who you were before the world told you who to be.  You find freedom and power to be who you really are.  And you find the courage to do things your way creating true soul alignment in the process.

Your business is a mere extension of you –

your confidence, your clarity, your courage,

your story.


If you want that dream business that supports that dream lifestyle, it all comes back to having a story that supports it.

  • Imagine being able to push through Upper Limit Problems so you can expand into your potential.
  • Imagine knowing how to comfortably lean into the vulnerability of stretching yourself past your comfort zone.
  • Imagine feeling sure of yourself and the value that you offer the world.
  • Imagine becoming the bold woman who knows who she is, has her own practices that support her, and feels divinely comfortable in her skin.



Could anything stop you then?



The Fierce Feminine Sisterhood is a spiritual solution to a spiritual problem.  It’s the journey of healing the “not enough”.

March 1st – April 30th:

We’ll hold one another in a sacred container of digging into the doubts, exonerating them, and becoming free right where we are.

You’ll unlearn all the things you’ve been taught to believe and become who you really are.

Here’s How it Works:

  • 14 women will join forces in this sacred circle to be compassionate witnesses to your story and your transformation.
  • We’ll meet once a week for a total of EIGHT 90 minute group coaching call every Monday at 3:00 pm CST for hot-seat laser coaching and rewriting the stories of not enough. (YES!  They’re recorded!)
  • You’ll have a private Facebook group for daily masterminding with your soul sisters plus daily coaching from me.
  • You’ll be given a new written assignment every other day to dig deep into the “not enough” and bring your work to the private Facebook group for ongoing daily coaching and loving feedback from the sisterhood.
  • You’ll also have FOUR 1:1 sessions with me every other week for deepening into your truth and embracing who you really are. (Yes!  These are recorded too for your private access!)
  • You’ll be given practices from the Fierce Feminine Leadership Model to build sustainability along the way
    Devoted Self-Care
    Enoughness Mindset
    Spiritual Foundations
    Bold Boundaries
    Inspired Action
    Working from a place of ease, grace, and flow vs. all hustle, muscle, and force


This is the power of sisterhood and unparalleled 1:1 support for

radical self-love and knowing YOU ARE SO ENOUGH.

But There’s More!

Early Bird Bonuses have been extended to February 26th valued at over $2000.

Here’s why:

Having led this work for several years now, creativity and clarity SPIKES following this level of work.  I know what my clients need for long-term support and I want to provide it to them, which is why if you sign up for the Early Bird special, I’m giving you a 90 minute 1:1 mastermind call with me that you can cash in at any time throughout the year + one week of email support. ($1000 value)

This call is POWERFUL for business brainstorming on offerings, funnels, messaging, branding, marketing, and visibility.  And trust me… following this level of work, you will be flooded with powerful ideas of how you want to serve your purpose in the world.  This call is there to support you in bringing these ideas to life, brainstorming even more phenomenal ideas together, and breaking your next “big thing” down into actionable steps so it becomes a reality not to mention a nice little kick in the tush when you’re getting ready to up level just to remind you YOU ARE SO ENOUGH!

Adrienne Dorison

“Megan is like a miracle magician. In one call she totally rocked my world and my business. She asked all the right questions to pull the words out of me, which felt so perfect and authentic because she wasn’t telling me what to say, but helping me say it myself in a way that my potential clients would understand. Megan has a way of then fine tuning everything so that you can really connect with your audience. She also works fast, in a good way, because we got so much done in one call together! It blew me away. She was attentive to my needs over the next week and gave me tons of constructive feedback, as well as praise! She’s an amazing cheerleader and supporter and because of Megan’s (and my) hard work, I went from 1 client to 8 in less than two weeks.” – Adrienne Dorison

But that’s not all.

  • Also included in Early Bird Bonuses is access to free monthly Alumni Calls hosted every 3rd Wednesday of the month.  Here, you’ll join the rest of my tribe who has dug in and done the enoughness work for that extra little push we all need from time to time when we’re going through an UP LEVEL and really stepping up big into our purpose.  Every call is recorded so even if you can’t make it live, you still get access to free group coaching on a recurring basis. ($500 value)
  • AND, you’ll also be given FREE access to The Fierce Feminine Masterclass – a self-paced leadership course debuting early May co-created by some of the top coaches in the industry including Maria Hinton, Sarah Kaler, Hillary Schneider, Shirly Joy Weiss, Keri-Anne Livingstone, Jo Gifford, and Shari Teigman.  You’ll be learning from some of the best on how to create success on your own terms, build your heart-centered empire with ease, and lean into your Fierce Feminine Leadership to create massive impact all by honoring your soul.  ($500 value)


And One More Thing:

Those that sign up during Early Bird Registration also get a special payment plan! (See details below!)


Here it is all together:

  • EIGHT 90 minute group coaching calls every Monday at 3:00 pm CST with you, me, and your tribe of soul sisters ($4000 value) (YES, they’re recorded!)
  • THIRTY written assignments to rewrite the stories of not enough ($500 value)
  • FOUR 1:1 private coaching calls with me to dig deep into your stories, find your power, know your truth, and emerge as the confident, soulful, grounded woman you are ($1000 value) (Yes!  These are recorded too for your private access!)
  • ONE private Facebook group with unlimited support and feedback from me plus deep masterminding with your soul sisters (Priceless)
  • SIX modules of the Fierce Feminine Leadership Model infused into the whole program ($2000 value)

Fast Action Bonuses


  • ONE 90 minute 1:1 Mastermind call with me post program available for use AT ANY POINT throughout the year + one week of email support for business brainstorming to exponentially increase the power of your creativity and clarity following our work ($1000 value)
  • ONGOING FREE SUPPORT through monthly Alumni Calls to help you push through to that next LEVEL as you continue to expand into your purpose ($500 value)
  • FREE access to The Fierce Feminine Masterclass to learn from some of the top leaders in the coaching industry on building heart-centered success ($500 value)

Total Value = $9500

Your Investment = $2500 (or two payments of $1250)


***PLUS Early Birds get access to a 3 payment option of $850 making this even more doable***

CLAIM YOUR SPOT NOW! Early Bird Ends February 26th!

Read the Terms + Conditions Here First!

850 1250 2500



So, I’ll leave you with this…

because I know money is always the bottom line.
The only thing preventing you from having everything you want and becoming the leader your dreams need you to be is the story of “not enough”.

How unstoppable would you become if you knew to your very core that not only were you so enough, but you were incredibly capable, worthy, DIVINELY deserving of everything you want?

Would anything stop you then?

Join me for a 60 day one of a kind experience as we heal those stories and unleash your power so you can become that wild, unbridled, creative, capable woman whose purpose can serve the world.

Still have questions? I have answers!

What makes you the expert?

laughingBesides all my professional training like a Masters degree and certifications, which you can read about here, I’m also a student of my own work meaning I don’t just talk the talk, I walk it too.  Among the things that are in my tool belt as a coach, I know this work inside and out.  I talk to successful women every single day about this work through my podcast.  I walk clients through this work weekly during their 1:1 mentorship.  I help them uncover the stories of “not enough” and rewrite them and the results?  Let’s talk about them.

Feeling more confident?  ✔︎
Feeling more FIERCE? ✔︎ ✔︎
Knowing their gifts? ✔︎
Knowing their purpose? ✔︎
Creating soul alignment? ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎
Leaning into their feminine energy and what makes them unique as a woman? ✔︎
Feeling courageous, whole, fulfilled, and free? ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎


And don’t just take my word for it: 

“Two words!!! Life changing… Megan takes you on a journey of incredible transformation that you didn’t even know you needed, but was THE game changer in stepping up in the way my dreams have been craving!  For so long,  I saw that my “not enoughness” was affecting every area of my life, but I had no idea how to change it or where to even begin. Whew, but Megan changed all of that (and lightning fast) by getting into my story and helping me rewrite it and the benefits are still coming to this day. I finished the program feeling empowered, nurtured and having the steps necessary to continue future growth. She really cares about setting you up for the long term so that there’s no level you can’t push through.  Her techniques are unique and powerful and have lead to some of the most profound change I’ve ever experienced. If you’re ready to let go of the “not enough”, hire MEGAN!  She transforms your insecurities and self doubt into powerful freedom and authenticity so you know your power and embrace all that you are just as you are.  I’m now more visible than ever in my business, clearer on my purpose, and taking daily action to show up and be seen!  Game changer!  Thank you so much, Megan!”  ~ Roshawnda Reed

What if I’m not an entrepreneur?  Will I still benefit from this program?
Yes!  Absolutely.  Entrepreneurs aren’t the only ones that come up against the “not enough’s”.  They show up in all our lives, just in different costumes.  They can prevent us from having the relationships we want, the jobs we want, the raises we want, the lifestyle we want, the confidence we want.  By rewriting the stories, you change all that.  But don’t be surprised if you awaken to a deeper purpose in the process.  This work really sheds all the ideas of who you think you need to be and what you think you’re supposed to do.  What is revealed is a truer reflection of who you are and what you’re here to do.  Creativity and clarity are definite benefits of this work.

What’s the time commitment?
I have a knack for creating short, yet powerful written assignments that you process throughout the day. The writing portion will require 15 minutes per assignment.  You’ll be expected to be active in our private Facebook group daily for responding to posts and sharing your own work.  I’d budget 30 minutes a day for this.  Other than that, we’ll have our 90 minute group coaching call every Monday at 3:00 pm CST. You’ll also have your 1:1 45 minute session every other week that is scheduled around your availability.  And that’s it 🙂

Is it worth the money?
There’s a reason you aren’t where you want to be having the life you want to have and the business that supports it.  You’ve probably bought plenty of courses and invested in plenty of people, but yet you still haven’t been able to implement them or use them to their full advantage.  There’s a common denominator here.  You can’t throw money at issues of “not enough” and expect them to go away.  You can’t “hire out” to do this work for you.  This is work that only you can do and in my personal opinion, the wisest investment you can make for yourself and your business is YOU.  So when it comes to is this course worth the money, I’d instead ask, “are you worth the money?”  Do you believe that you are the key to getting everything you want? Do you believe that with the right mindset and the system to support it that you can achieve anything you want?  Do you believe that you can be the leader your dreams need you to be if you could only get past the “not enough”?  If the answer is yes… then YES, love.  It’s worth the money.  AND SO ARE YOU!

Is there a refund policy?
I stand boldly behind my work and the results that it gets, however if you are halfway through the program (April 1st) and feel that you aren’t getting the results you were promised, you feel that you’re no closer to having clarity on what’s preventing you from being enough, if you feel like you’ve gained ZERO skills in helping you move forward then you will be refunded half of your payment (if paid in full) or be released from making future payments (if paying through a payment plan).  Please note that all refunds are contingent upon you showing up and doing the work. That means being present for the coaching calls or asking questions based on the recordings, showing up for you 1:1 sessions and completing your homework, and being active in our Facebook group at least 4 out of 7 days of the week.

Anything else?
Contact me here for more personalized questions that are not covered above.

Early Bird Bonuses end February 26th.  

Get in now for $2000 worth of bonuses simply for believing in yourself, your dreams, and your capability of achieving them!

Read the Terms + Conditions Here First!




Join the SISTERHOOD that changes it all and unleash the Fierce Feminine Leader your dreams have been begging for!