I know what you’re thinking…


Can life really change in only an hour?

And the answer is YES!  Yes, it can! 

Here’s how…

Right about now, life probably feels completely bogged down in a million to-do’s.  You’re so tired of adul-ting you could almost scream (and maybe you have) and you’re about a “too long line at the grocery store” away from having a melt down.  

Seriously!  Does everyone really buy groceries all at the same time all on the same day?
But what if you could go from feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, and completely checked out to…

more calm, cool, connected, and centered, and don’t forget… un-rushed?

What would that do for you?  What would that do for your soul?
Would you give yourself an hour?  How about five?  Too much?

Because if you’re anything like me, the idea of spending even an hour on yourself feels completely self-indulgent and I’m sure all kinds of guilt pops up.

Guilt like…


  • I have too much to do
  • so-and-so really needs me
  • money is too tight
  • I haven’t gotten enough done to really deserve a break

I know, girlfriend! Trust me, I know!

As a mom and a business owner, the GUILT is oh, so real because there is ALWAYS so much to do and someone who ALWAYS needs me…

Except the guilt didn’t just start when I became a mom or even when I started running my own business.

It started a looooooongggg damn time ago when I decided a million other things were more important than my soul and let’s not forget… to prioritize myself was downright selfish!

And as a result, I was:

stressed out, overwhelmed, overworked, high-strung, and all together checked out of my life.

If I wasn’t busy marking off my to-do list, I was totally on autopilot forgetting this one little important thing… ME!

But all of that changed when I made this one Simple Soulful Shift that put ME back on my schedule.

A schedule like:


  • Slow, calm, and peaceful mornings (even with an infant!)
  • Plenty of time and un-rushed space to nurture my body
  • Delicious connection time with my hubby over long dinners and music
  • Enjoying wine under the stars in the middle of the week
  • Candlelight yoga before bed
  • Time to read my favorite books (even fiction!)
  • Baths in the middle of the afternoon
  • Trading in my 15 hour work days for a 15 HOUR WORK WEEK!

Where I not only felt completely fulfilled, I finally felt like I was creating a life on my own terms, by my own rules, that totally fed my soul.  And all by making this one little shift!

What’s this one little shift you ask?


It’s something I like to call Radical Self-Indulgence!  And it all starts with putting more YOU on your schedule!  More YOU = More Soul, More Soul = More JOY!

Radical Self-Indulgence | Megan Hale

If we’re just now meeting, I’m Megan Hale, a Retired Psychotherapist and Enoughness Coach™ who helps women live a life that honors their soul.

As a new mama, wife, and business owner, who has pretty much lived her life as a stressed out, high strung, go-getter, I get it. For years, I lived my life at 90 mph completely convinced that the more I put on my plate, the better I was doing at life, my dreams, and everything in between.

But after years of feeling like I never had time for myself or that I didn’t deserve it, I finally started creating a life that fed my soul and I want that for you too!

In the past 5 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of women to help them have less guilt and more joy, less shoulds and more soul, less fear and more bravery. Women who…

  • Have high power and stressful jobs
  • Own their own businesses
  • Are stay at home moms
  • Plus those women I call soul seekers who want nothing more than to be their best selves

Podcast Features | Megan Hale


Imagine what it would be like…

  • to spend your week intentionally pouring into yourself and doing things you love instead of following all the shoulds
  • if you had more joy and less guilt to do more of what you love
  • and if you could do all this without completely overhauling life, but instead making a small soulful shift in less than an hour?

Could it really be this easy?

YES! Hell yes!

And I’m sharing HOW with my Simple Soulful Shift to More Joy that has literally transformed my life from going, going, going to feeling completely in touch with who I am, what I want, and indulging my soul GUILT FREE!

simple soulful shift | Megan Hale

Want more joy and less guilt??  More time and less stress?  Download my Simple Soulful Shift to More Joy below!



There’s a method to creating more joy and less guilt and it takes WAY LESS TIME THAN YOU THINK!

***Hint, Hint… we don’t get more time. We create more time. By getting intentional with how we spend it.

I can show you how!

Download my Simple Soulful Shift for More Joy and lets get started on creating some of your very own!