We’ve just had an amazing weekend together…

and as much ground as we’ve covered, there’s still more to go.

Join me for a short series of integration and implementation calls to help you Rise and Thrive into your fullest expression!

We’ll meet weekly and then bi-weekly for accountability and community as we carry the magic of Wild and Holy Weekend forward into our everyday lives.

Here’s our Schedule:

June 26th: 4:30 pm
July 3rd: 4:30 pm
July 17th: 4:30 pm
July 31st: 4:30pm

The magic of Wild and Holy Weekend doesn’t have to end!  

Join me for our Rise and Thrive Calls for that soulful oomph to keep you expanding into your fullest expression.


Join here!




65(billed two weeks apart)


Rise and Thrive, girlfriend!


Stay Wild and Holy <3