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New to the wild and fabulous world of coaching? Everyone has their first experience at some point and even if this isn’t your first rodeo, there’s probably some information on this page that may be news to you!

Since I’m a therapist and a coach, I like to provide TONS of resources about what coaching is, how it differs from therapy, and all the professional mumbo-jumbo so you’re well informed. Below, you’ll find my favorite articles I’ve written describing the coaching profession, the specific niches that exist, and how to know if coaching is right for you.

An academic at heart, I love learning and like to know what I’m getting myself into, but in soulful fashion, I couldn’t leave you with just informative articles. That’s why I’ve included a soulful section for how your heart’s desires and true life potential all play into the puzzle. Read below for anything and everything you want to know about coaching and don’t forget to check out what’s its like working with me because lets be honest… you’re dying to know!!

Happy Reading!

Articles for the Mind

Therapy & Coaching… What’s the Difference?
Do You Need a Therapist or a Coach?
The 6 Types of Life Coaching You Need to Know
6 Signs You’re Ready for a Life Coach
5 Benefits of Group Coaching

Articles for the Soul

3 Things You Need to Ask Yourself to Get Everything You Want
Why Owning Your Sh*t is Your Ticket to Freedom
5 Ways to be More Courageous and Create a Life You Love
Creating Happiness: 5 Game Changers
Why Hiring a Life Coach will Change Your Life
The Difference Between Happiness & Joy and Why We Have it All Wrong

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