Live Your Truth.  Honor Your Soul.


There’s no area that’s off limits on the upcoming podcast by Megan Hale.  

You’ll hear from:

  • spiritual teachers
  • relationship experts
  • wellness professionals
  • entrepreneurs living a life of purpose

to guide you to being your fullest expression and creating more sacred practice in your every day.

Wild & Holy Radio is for spiritual seekers who want a fulfilling life instead of just a full one.  They crave wholeness and expression, authenticity and vulnerability, healing and transformation, and embracing who they are while expanding into their best selves.

This is a conversation for those who are tired of living in the black and white of right or wrong and are ready to embrace paradox and dichotomies.

  • Gone are the days that you must follow the rules in order to be holy.  God was never playing that game.
  • Gone are the days you have to hustle for your worthiness.  You’ve been deserving all along.
  • Gone are the days where you follow the pack.  It’s time to hear your own truth and trust it.
  • Gone are the days where you need to fit in.  It’s time to be you, stand out, and give yourself permission to be wild!

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You can be both wild & holy.


In fact, it’s the only way.

For the Spiritual Rebels, Spiritual Seekers, and the Religious and Curious, Wild & Holy Radio is your hub for spiritual living beyond the rules and the “how to” of sacred work that honor your soul.

Truth has a way of rising.


Are we just now meeting?

Megan Hale

I’m Megan Hale, Retired Psychotherapist, Relationship Coach, and Spiritual Seeker who has had a lifelong curiosity of finding our spiritual truth, honoring it, and being all of who we are.

At the center of every relationship is our relationship with ourselves and at the center of that is our relationship with the Divine.

Join me a brand new conversation as we challenge everything we were ever taught to believe, discover our truth, practice spiritual discernment, and find the freedom to be all of who we are.

It’s time to pursue a life of your calling, hold deeply to your own values, expand your beliefs and understanding of God, and redefine what it means to be holy.

I envision a world where we honor who we are, we practice reverence for our life path, and give ourselves permission to be wild, be loud, take up space, and evolve.

I can’t wait to welcome you to Wild & Holy Radio!




“Re-examine all you have been told in school, church, or in any book and dismiss whatever insults your own soul; and your very flesh shall be a great poem…” ~ Walt Whitman


It’s time to dismiss what insults your own soul.