Do you ever feel like life is spent waiting for someday…?


  • When life will be less stressful
  • less busy
  • with more money
  • or you’ve finally done enough to deserve a break  (i.e. You’ve worked yourself to the bone)?

Then, and only then, can you self-indulge in what your soul is really calling for – MORE JOY! MORE REST! MORE EASE!

I totally get it!  

Up until two years ago, I was waiting for someday too.


And no matter how much I wanted to start living my life differently…

It seemed like GUILT would always stop me, which sounded a lot like…

  • I should be doing more and doing it faster
  • I should have this figured out by now
  • I have so much to do and it never gets done!
  • I can’t possibly spend that much on myself

It was almost like I wore my struggle on my sleeve…. like the more I struggled, I had a reason to say, “See how hard this is for me?” which won me all kinds of sympathy, but it was me who was losing in the end.

Sound familiar?

Doing what felt good felt, well…. really indulgent.  Isn’t life supposed to be busy?  Isn’t work supposed to feel hard?  That’s what being a good mom and good woman is all about, right?  Self-sacrifice?

How about… WRONG!

The minute I started to face the real reason I wasn’t experiencing more joy (**Hint, Hint – guilt!),

Life (and work) became a whole lot better!


+ with less shoulds and more soul

And what I started to notice was that self-indulgence was a powerful tool to start living by my own rules!

Which is why I want to teach it to you too using the Soul Shift Method™!

The Soul Shift Method™ helps you:

  • Get clear on the 3 Elements of Your Soul Priorities
  • Put them into action
  • Implement the 3P Framework for decreasing guilt
  • So you live with less shoulds
  • And MORE JOY
  • in 3 Days or Less!


Can you imagine the freedom that exists when you give yourself permission to self-indulge GUILT FREE?  

Freedom like…

  • Slow, calm, and peaceful mornings (even if you have an infant!)
  • Plenty of time and space to nurture your body with workouts and healthy eating
  • Delicious connection time with your beloved over long dinners and music
  • Enjoying wine under the stars in the middle of the week
  • Candlelight yoga before bed
  • Time to read your favorite books (even fiction!)
  • Baths in the middle of the afternoon
  • Trading in 15 hour work days for a 15 HOUR WORK WEEK!

Which is exactly what I’ve been able to create for myself using the power of self-indulgence and I’ve been helping others too!  

Megan Hale Testimonials



Radical Self-Indulgence | Megan Hale


If we’re just now meeting, I’m Megan Hale, a Retired Psychotherapist and Enoughness Coach™ who helps women live a life that honors their soul.

As a new mama, wife, and business owner, I get the stresses that we face as women.  I was so scared having a baby would mean losing me-time to all the “need to’s” and responsibilities that motherhood brings.

But to my surprise, I’ve started living a life with even MORE self-indulgence, which has lowered my stress and moved me closer to my soul and I want that for you too!

In the past 5 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of women to help them have less guilt and more joy, less shoulds and more soul, less fear and more bravery.  Women who…

  • Have high power and stressful jobs
  • Own their own businesses
  • Are stay at home moms
  • Are working 9-5 with dreams of something more


I can’t wait to teach you the Soul Shift Method™ to live a life beyond the shoulds.  Get on the VIP LIST for MORE JOY and LESS GUILT in three days or less!  

A life that lights us up begins with permission to do things differently.

And I love helping others do just that!


Megan Hale Testimonial

Here’s What We’ll Be Covering in this
60 Minute Masterclass:


  • What’s at the root of guilt and how to decrease it
  • The two toxic cycles that keep us feeling guilty
  • The two layers of the Soul Shift Method™ to experiencing more freedom
  • The true cost of following shoulds  (Trust ME! It’s not pretty!)
  • The psychology behind Soul Alignment, WHY IT MATTERS, and HOW TO GET IT
  • The 3P Framework you need for more joy
  • How to identify the 3 Top Indulgences your soul is craving for more joy, more often, now!

Ready to learn the QUICKEST way to more joy and less guilt?

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