You’re in, Girlfriend!

Radical Self-Indulgence Live is going to be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced!

Get ready for life to feel more like a dream!


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I’m Megan Hale, wife to a handsome Air Force pilot, new mama to a sweet little boy, and transformational life coach who helps women create a life that honors their soul.  (P.S. Is Brax not the cutest?  Look at those fat cheeks!!! – Ahhhh!)

The methods I’ll be teaching in Radical Self-Indulgence Live have literally transformed my life from being stressed out, overwhelmed, anxious, and overworked to cool, calm, collected, and centered to be the best mama, wife, and woman I can be!

For the past 5 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of women to teach them how to change their lifestyle that offers more ease and more joy and less stress and less guilt.  It’s transformed the relationships they have with themselves (and the people that the love) leading to more joy in life, work, and love!

I can’t wait to help you too!




Radical Self-Indulgence is phenomenal!

  • I’ll be emailing you a link to join our free Facebook community shortly.
  • We’ll be getting started on Monday, May 1st
  • Over the next 5 weeks, I’ll be covering the unique Soul Shift Method™ I’ve used to create more joy and less guilt in my own life as well as countless others.


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I’ll be sending you all the details PLUS ways to invite your bestie.  I know we all have that girlfriend who over does it, never takes time for herself, and spends her days full of anxiety, stress, guilt, and overwhelm.

I want her to join us too!

Let’s make Radical Self-Indulgence the NEW NORM instead of the overwork, overwhelm, overstressed life most of us are used to!


Talk soon!


Megan Sig