What would happen if pleasure came first, guilt wasn’t even a thing, and you gave yourself permission to pursue a life that lights you up?

Not every once in awhile.

Not when all the to-do list is done.

But everyday.


By making a 20º shift in your life!


That’s what Radical Self-Indulgence will do by teaching you how to have more joy and less in guilt in under 5 weeks without completely overhauling your life using the Soul Shift Method™!

Here’s what I know:

  • Pleasure is the one thing we’ve been told we have to earn.
  • Pleasure is the one thing we’ve been taught is naughty.
  • Pleasure is the one thing we’ve associated with only sex for far too long.

But the truth is:

  • Pleasure is the foundation for joy.
  • Pleasure is the tool that heightens our intuition.
  • Pleasure is the answer to less stress and less frenzy.
  • Pleasure is the solution to a deeper connection with YOU!

How long has it been since you took some time for yourself? Spent money on yourself? Spent energy on yourself?

And did you budget tightly? Did you steal away an hour last month and still feel guilty about it?

Did you ask your partner for 30 extra minutes so you could take a bath in peace?

Crazy, isn’t?

The guilt we feel asking for what we need? And that’s just for what we need. We haven’t even gotten to what we want yet.

Do so many of us really believe that we get some sort of medal the more we struggle?  Do we win some type of sympathy and attention if we stay in struggle city?

This is a problem.

Far too many women lose themselves in their to-do lists and the needs of other people that they forget who they are, what they love, and the things that bring them joy.

Even when they do have an hour to themselves, they don’t know what to do with it. Most of them just pick up the to-do list where they left off because that’s all they know!

But, I’d be willing to bet you sometimes wonder if there’s more to life than monotony?

You wonder if you work hard enough and long enough, it’ll all pay off in the end.

You keep waiting for someday when…


  • Life isn’t so stressful.
  • Money isn’t so tight.
  • People don’t need you so much.
  • And there’s not so much to do

So you can…


  • Finally take that yoga class you’ve been eyeing for weeks
  • Find time to start working out, which you’ve been saying for years
  • Meal prep or feed yourself with food that makes you feel good
  • Take a slow delicious morning to journal and stretch to the backdrop of birds signing their morning songs
  • Have your coffee without a million things weighing you down or pulling you in a million directions
  • Finally plan that vacation of adventure you’ve been dreaming about forever
  • Take time to paint or craft or vision or anything that taps into your creative center (it’s still in there!  I promise!)
  • And put some of your dreams back on the to-do list instead of the corner where you thought they belonged

Radical Self-Indulgence is the idea that prioritizing ourselves shouldn’t be so radical

and prioritizing pleasure shouldn’t feel so self-indulgent.

Radical Self Indulgence | Megan Hale

It should be a way of life!  It should be a way of worship!

Because when we put ourselves first, especially rooted in the things that bring us joy, we tend to be better mothers, wives, sisters, friends, and business owners (or get it done-ers) while still not sacrificing our souls.

Radical concept.  I know!

But it shouldn’t be, which is why I’m on a mission to help women reclaim pleasure and the things that bring them joy so they can get back in touch with who they are, what they want, and what they need to honor their soul.

Radical Self-Indulgence is a 5 week live coaching program

That gives you everything you need to:

  • Reconnect with Pleasure
  • Give Yourself Permission to Pursue It
  • Learn How to Fight Back Against the Guilts and All the Should’s
  • So You Can Reconnect with Yourself and Shine Your Light Out Into the World



I’m the Perfect Girl for the Job


Radical Self-Indulgence | Megan HaleI’m Megan Hale, Retired Psychotherapist, Soul Strategist, and Courage Catalyst who helps women build lives that deeply honor their souls.  I’ve cut my teeth on putting my own tools into practice learning first hand the misery that comes when we disconnect from who we are.

As a new mom, a wife, a business owner, and a million other things to many different people, I also know how easy it is to get swept away with all the to-do’s and other people’s needs.  But how good is life really if everyone else is happy and we aren’t?  Is that what the people who love us want for us?  I don’t think so. 

For the past 5 years, I’ve been building courses and programs that help women reconnect to their center, their dreams, their desires, and their joy.  Together, we’ve walked hand in hand to make the lifestyle shifts that put them back in the driver seat of their lives.  Women who…

  • Work high power, stressful jobs
  • Run their own businesses
  • Work a traditional 9-5
  • Are Stay at Home Mom’s doing some of the most important work in the world



And I do this by teaching them the Soul Shift Method™ that puts them back in alignment with what they want and what they need so they can be the powerful forces they need to be for themselves and the world.

Imagine if…


  • You started your day doing something you love instead of sitting down to the to-do list that will rule your day
  • You took time out midmorning to stretch and move your body because it feels good to take care of the temple that houses your soul
  • You took a long leisurely lunch savoring every bite of delicious food sinking into the pleasure that surrounds you at all times
  • You took a bath in the middle of the afternoon because you can and it’s allowed.  Maybe you even soaked with a glass of wine while reading a good book (even FICTION!)
  • You spent time nurturing your relationship with dinner under the stars in the middle of the week
  • You painted a painting and completed that art project because it was fun to let your creativity to run wild
  • You got your makeup done and treated yourself to something new because you wanted to admire your own beauty
  • And you did all this while still getting the important things done, but you were WAY LESS STRESSED doing it!

That’s the power of Radical Self-Indulgence.

And it all starts with a small 20 degree shift to start living life differently and start living it more intentionally.

And it’s truly transformational!

Megan Hale TestimonialMegan Hale | TestimonialMegan Hale | Testimonial



Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Radical Self-Indulgence for?
Radical Self-Indulgence is for women who feel overwhelmed with how much is on their plate, never feel like they get enough done, keep waiting for someday to take time for themselves, feel guilty on a regular basis for not being more happy or fun to be with, who shame themselves for not doing enough (including making time for themselves) who are sick and tired of feeling like they no longer remember who they are, what they love, and what brings them joy.

What’s included in the price of Radical Self-Indulgence?
Radical Self Indulgence is a 5 week live coaching program.  For your investment of $149, you’ll receive a short, yet simple assignment every morning M-F via email (we take the weekends off because… Radical Self-Indulgence).  You’ll get access to live hot seat coaching once a week in a private Facebook group every Tuesday at 11:30 am CST that’s all recorded in case you can’t attend.  I’ll also be popping into the group on Facebook live for additional support throughout the week.

When does Radical Self-Indulgence Begin?
We get started Monday, May 1st and end on Friday, June 2nd.

Why is Radical Self-Indulgence priced so low?  Is this really valuable?
The first online course I ever bought cost $250 and was one of the best things I’ve ever invested in (and I’ve spent upwards of $50k on online courses and programs).  It’s my belief that radical transformation doesn’t have to cost a million dollars just like you can look like a million bucks without breaking the bank.  This is my way of paying it forward and making this as accessible as possible while also making sure it’s a fair energy exchange. 

What happens after I buy?
Once your paypal payment is received, you’ll receive an email from me with your next steps to join our free Facebook community.  Prior to class starting, you’ll receive some additional goodies and surprises because who doesn’t love surprises?!

Anything else I should know?
Yes, I’m a spiritual kind of girl so we will be talking about mind-body-soul connection in the course.  We’ll be talking about courage and bravery and soul alignment.  The women who will benefit most from the course will be those who jive with these kinds of topics.

How is Radical Self-Indulgence different from everything else that’s out there?
I’m so glad you asked!

Here are 3 Soul Shifting Reasons Radical Self-Indulgence is unlike anything else in the world!

Radical Self-Indulgence


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