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Purpose Alignment Sessions for Business + Life Terms & Conditions Agreement

This Purpose Alignment Sessions terms & conditions agreement (“Agreement”) is between Megan Hale, LLC, a Texas limited liability company (“Coach”) and you, the purchaser of this service (“You” or “Client”). By purchasing the coaching service offered on this site, You expressly agree to be bound, without modification, to this Agreement. If You do not agree to be bound to this Agreement, do not purchase these services.

Megan Hale is a consultant and certified life coach with Megan Hale, LLC, who helps her clients clarify their life purpose to increase their overall life fulfillment. Client wishes Coach to provide certain services, as described below.

The parties agree as follows:

Services. Coach will provide one $450 one-hour “Purpose Alignment” coaching session or two one-hour “Purpose Alignment” coaching sessions for $700 (determined at time of purchase) to Client, which includes either one or two one-hour sessions via phone or Skype, with the following bonus items:
• One week of follow-up email support per one-hour session.
• Clarity coaching on business and/or life purpose.
• Consulting on business and/or life direction.
• Future recommendations to take business and/or life to the next level.

Client’s Duties. To support Client in reaching Client’s goals, Client agrees to:
• Be on time for their session.
• Complete any assigned homework.
• Be engaged in the coaching process, be open-minded, and bring courage and willingness to try new ideas, approaches, and actions.
• Be open and honest with Coach, so Coach can help to the best of Coach’s ability.
• Understand that Client holds essential information that Coach needs to provide effective coaching to Client, and Client is responsible for communicating such information to Coach.
• Understand that coaching cannot fix or improve Client’s life—only Client can improve their life (please review the linked “10 Things” article).
• Understand that Coach will be an advocate for Client’s best self, which may include recommending Client for another professional for business, legal, financial, or mental health advice.

Payment. Client agrees to pay Coach a fixed fee of $450 for one “Purpose Alignment” session or $700 for two “Purpose Alignment” sessions. Payment may be made via PayPal, credit card, or via another method mutually agreed upon by the parties. Services will not be provided until the fees are pre-paid. This fixed fee holds a place in Coach’s schedule to provide these services in lieu of taking other clients, and is therefore non-refundable except as provided under this Agreement.

Discounts. Members of the military and military spouses who present a copy of their military ID at time of payment will receive a 15% discount on any coaching, products, courses, and programs. Contact us to obtain your discount code. Military discounts are 100% transferable.

Session Cancelation Policy. Sessions must be cancelled before 24 hours of their scheduled time. If cancelled within 24 hours, the session can only be rescheduled once before forfeiting payment. In case of emergency or unforeseen circumstances, a session may be rescheduled a second time at Coach’s sole discretion.

Term. This agreement commences on the date of purchase and shall continue until the session is completed or until the Agreement is terminated under this section. If either party materially breaches a material provision of this Agreement, the other party may terminate this Agreement upon five (5) days written notice unless the breach is cured within the notice period.

Confidentiality. Coach regards any information provided by Client to be confidential. Coach will only reveal such information with express permission of Client, or as required by law. Confidential information does not include information that is publicly available, that has been disclosed to a third party by Client, or that was previously or independently derived by Coach.

Disclosure. Coach is not providing mental health or therapy through the services provided under this Agreement, and is not giving medical or mental health advice. Coach may recommend that Client seek the advice of a mental health professional, if appropriate. Coach will not provide any mental health or therapy services for current coaching Clients. Client should seek medical advice for any medical problems, and Client has the responsibility to consult with a medical professional regarding any medical conditions.

No Guarantees or Warranties. Coach cannot and does not guarantee any specific results will be obtained, because specific results involve factors beyond the control of the parties. If Client fully participates in a Purpose Alignment session and the parties agree that no progress has been made, Coach will refund Client for that particular session.

Intellectual Property. Coach owns the copyrights and other intellectual property rights in any materials provided under this Agreement. Client has a license to use such materials only for Client’s own personal, private use.

No Waiver. None of the terms of this Agreement can be waived or modified except by an express agreement in writing signed by all of the parties.

Entire Agreement. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous written or oral agreements between them or any of their affiliates, with respect to the subject matter contained herein.

Choice of Law and Venue. This Agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of Texas. Any and all disputes, controversies, claims, or differences arising out of, relating to, or having any connection with this Agreement, shall exclusively be brought and heard in the County of Wichita, the State of Texas, and both parties consent to jurisdiction in the County of Wichita, the State of Texas.

Severability. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, the validity, legality, or enforceability of the remainder of this Agreement shall not in any way be affected or impaired.