Joy is like gravity.


Most anyone I talk to wants it.  Not everyone knows how to get it, which is why I want to share 6 sacred practices to creating more joy.


Joy is built on 6 Practices  –


  • Devoted Self-Care
  • Empowered Mindset
  • Spiritual Foundations
  • Bold Boundaries
  • Inspired Action
  • Working from a Place of Ease, Grace, + Flow


Devoted Self-Care

You can’t work from a place of lack and burnout, sister.  Where there is no energy, there can be little joy and we can be the worst for giving, giving, giving and not replenishing our own well.

I’m sure we all know that, but what we may not know is that there are 5 different types of self-care.  Are you practicing them all?

They are:

  • Emotional/Spiritual
  • Physical/Sensual
  • Financial/Security
  • Intellectual/Creativity
  • Social/Relational

Empowered Mindset

Four types of negative beliefs contribute to a disempowered mindset:

Beliefs around our:

  • Lovability
  • Divinity
  • Creativity
  • Money

In the words of Brené Brown, the most damaging stories we tell ourselves are those that make us question our inherent worthiness.  Cultivating a mindset based on your enoughness is critical to experiencing more joy.  Without this piece, we’ll doubt ourselves and nothing decreases our capacity for pleasure like our own self-doubt.


Spiritual Foundations

Joy comes from our ability to live true to who we are, to align our lives with our inner most desires, and honor our souls.  To connect to this piece of ourselves allows us to tune into the silent whispers that live within us.  It asks us to slow down, pay attention, and open ourselves up to life’s magic.

Having a deep connection to your beliefs is a big piece of knowing who you are and having a clear sense of self.  Having a deep relationship with your belief system allows you to know your values and practice them.  But, having a strong practice of connecting inward is what allows you to strengthen your intuition, a HUGE piece of developing inner trust, self-confidence, and courage.



Bold Boundaries

Boundaries are what protect our energy, allow us to build intimacy and trust, protect us from self-abandonment, and prioritize our needs.

You know as well as I do that when we don’t honor our own boundaries, resentment begins to build.  We either get angry at ourselves for not speaking our truth or we get angry at someone else for taking advantage of us.  But boundaries go even deeper than simply saying “yes” or “no” when someone asks something of us.

Boundaries are also us getting clear on what we will or won’t allow from others and our inner critic.  That’s why I think of boundaries in two different categories: internal boundaries (the standards and promises we make and keep with ourselves) and external boundaries (the standards and promises we make and keep with others).

Both are important for prioritizing our needs and following through on our dreams.  Are you practicing both?  I have a self-assessment for you to find out inside The Pleasure Principle.

Inspired Action

Do you trust that creativity and inspiration will find you?  Or do you force things to come through on your timing?

How many times have you struggled finding clarity vs. leaning into trust and space for the answers to come?

Inspired action builds upon Spiritual Foundations and puts it into practice.  It’s part intuitive hits and part finding your flow.  It’s this piece that allows ease to flow in and where there’s ease, there’s always joy.

Working from a Place of Ease, Grace, + Flow

What does ease look like for you?  What’s your idea of a pleasurable day?

If we don’t have clarity around this piece, then it will surely be hard to come by, which is why I want to walk you through you ease-filled day from the time you wake up til the time you go to sleep.

Visioning is SO incredibly important to finding more joy and defining it on our your terms.  Do you have a clear idea of how joy feels from hour to hour for you?  Join me inside the Pleasure Principle for a simple visioning exercise to tease it all out!  You’ll be amazed how powerful this clarity can be to experiencing more joy NOW!


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