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Are you being invited to more bravery?

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Love Warrior with Megan Hale

As I was preparing today’s Motivational Monday podcast episode, I decided to reread a bit of Brene Brown’s latest book, Rising Strong. There are many, many powerful passages in there in regards to bravery. I share one of them on today’s episode.

But one thing that really got me thinking having just read Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton was how I have been (and continue to be) invited to more bravery and I wanted to extend that invitation to you too.

In Love Warrior, Glennon talks about seeing her pregnancy with her first child as an invitation to sober up and come back to life. If you’ve listened to my vulnerable share on Ep. 75 of the podcast, you know I came face to face with a powerful invitation too after I gave birth to my son. In fact, standing there in that hospital room naked, raw, vulnerable, and exposed, I was asked to step into the arena of the woman I had always dreamed of being, but had been too afraid to become.    



Take a moment.


Look at your life as it is today and ask yourself what people and/or situations are asking you to be braver?
  • Have you just found a new partner that is asking you to be brave enough to trust? Brave enough to love? Brave enough to open yourself to the vulnerability of intimacy?
  • Have you found yourself dreaming a dream of making an impact in the world? Is that dream asking you to be brave enough to take a leap? To go all in? To become the leader your dream needs you to be?
  • Have you found yourself craving a life of more confidence?  More boldness?  More of owning who you are?  All of these things are asking you to be brave.  
  • You might even find yourself in a relationship that has grown toxic for your soul. Your partner no longer sees you, honors you, hears you, or listens to your needs. Is your soul asking you to be brave enough to leave?
  • Or perhaps, maybe you find yourself at the end of one chapter and the beginning of another where you’re being asked to be brave enough to make a drastic change in your life. Maybe you’re thinking of moving somewhere completely new and starting all over. You’ll need bravery for that too. 
We all have invitations in our lives to be braver. I want to help women rise to these invitations, which is what 30 days with Love Warrior is all about.  

Glennon's story guides us to be braver with our souls and braver with our lives.Click To Tweet I want to share my insights and dive in with you as we choose to rise just a little bit more into the women we want to be to create the lives we want to live.

Would you like to join me?

This is an invitation to more bravery. To know yourself more deeply. To reject more of what insults your soul. To become the woman your dreams need you to be.

To join for free, sign up here.

We’re getting started on Saturday, the 15th where you’ll get a short video insight and a journaling prompt each day to your inbox. I’ll be hosting live conversation in my group on Facebook too if you’d like to take part.
We’re going to have a powerful 30 days! I personally cannot wait to dive in with you as I’ll be doing all my own journaling too 🙂
Let’s rise into more bravery together using Love Warrior as our guide.
Everything we want requires bravery in one form or another. Trust, confidence, love, intimacy, change, dreams.

Let’s become braver together.

Join here!

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