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In case you’re just now finding Glennon like I was just a few short weeks ago…

she’s just released an intimate, vulnerable, BOLD as hell, feminist as f*** MEMOIR and

It. Is. Electric!




I devoured it over the course of a few days and then led an intimate 4 week virtual book club, but decided that wasn’t enough!  I wanted to share my insights with the whole #LoveWarrior tribe because there are so many powerful themes to dive into!

  • Marriage + Communication
  • Physical and Emotional Intimacy
  • Sexual Obligation vs. Sexual Desire
  • Divine Feminism + Spiritual Liberation
  • Choosing Your Soul
  • Learning to Feel Your Feelings
  • Transforming Pain into Love
  • Writing Your Own Story
  • Drawing and Keeping Boundaries
  • Forgiveness + Healing
  • Rebuilding Trust
  • Understanding the Motives Behind Your Patterns
  • Trusting Your Wisdom
  • Learning to Love

If we’re just now meeting, I’m Megan – a Retired Psychotherapist, an Enoughness Coach™, wife and mama, and a total die hard fan of Brene Brown, Liz Gilbert, Danielle LaPorte, and now Glennon Doyle Melton.  I’m still trying to wrap my brain around how I JUST found her because I follow all her people!  But, let’s just say, I ran as fast as I could to buy her book, stalk her website, and sing her praises.  Any woman who owns her story the way Glennon does is a woman I admire!


I know you’ll love her too!

And if you’ve been following her for awhile now, you totally know what I’m talking about!


So here’s what I have planned!

Over the course of 30 days, I’ll be sharing:

  • 30 personal insights via a super short video delivered straight to your inbox
  • 30 unique journaling prompts curated exclusively for the #LoveWarrior Tribe
  • Open discussion in my free Facebook Community all month long
  • Plus, open enrollment to the book club, which means you can join for FREE whenever you want

This book is SO, SO, SO good! I can’t wait to add some deeper discussion to the powerful topics Glennon brings up.  We are sure to grow as Love Warriors by taking this journey together!


Ready to join?




More Q’s?  I’ve got you covered!


So, what if I’ve already read the book?
No worries at all, love.  You’re in the perfect space to dig a little deeper with me.  I’ll be pulling certain excerpts from the book for us to journal on together.  I’ll be doing a short video sharing my insights and then delivering a journaling prompt to your inbox each day.  I’ll be holding open space to discuss the book all month long in my private Facebook community, the I Am + I Can Tribe, which you can join here.


What if I haven’t read the book?
Then you’re really in the perfect place.  I’ll be adding some guidance and powerful questions to dig even deeper while you’re reading this phenomenal book.  All the videos and journaling prompts will follow the book sequentially so just in case you haven’t read to that point yet, you can save each of these in your inbox and open them when you’re ready to dive in a little deeper.  For additional support, I’ll be hosting open space in my Facebook community, the I Am + I Can tribe, which you can join for free here.


Can I invite my friends?
TOTALLY!  This book is relevant to every single woman living under the sun.  It goes into learning to love yourself, learning to love others, learning to receive love from God.  She talks about things that we’re not supposed to talk about – religion, sex, betrayal, addiction, desires.  And it’s SO incredibly relatable.  I know you will find yourself in her story.  This is the journey of a Love Warrior.


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Do I need to buy the book?
Yes.  To get the most from this book club, it is advised you purchase the book. I have the Hardcover and the Kindle.  What can I say?  I go a little crazy over books I LOVE!  Purchase yours here!


Can I join anytime?
YES, totally!  All the content is available forever.  Once you sign up, you’ll get one short video a day sharing my insights while reading the book plus one journaling prompt to take it deeper.  Choose to save them all on a folder on your device and even lead your own book club. It’s totally up to you!


Why should I join you?
I’m a Soul Warrior for other women’s joy, am passionate about leaving a legacy of love, and believe the world will be saved by women who know they’re enough.  If you’d like to stalk me, check out my podcast, my blog, my book journey, or my credentials here.


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In love. 
Always with love,

Megan Sig