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Love Warrior Made Me Do It

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About once in a decade, a book comes around that inspires women to dig deeper and be more courageous within their soul. In 2006, that book was Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. In 2016, that book is Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton.

I just found Glennon about six weeks before Love Warrior released. She had just written an incredibly vulnerable blog post about the brave choice she was making to share the truth about her and her husband’s decision to separate right before her book release.

As I read her words, I saw a woman who had come home to herself, a woman who was brave enough to choose herself above what other people may think, above how this truth may affect her career. And I respected her for it. In a world that tells so many of us to care more about what others think than to honor the truth of our soul, I felt electric and excited for her for being so rebellious.   That’s a woman who gets it, I thought. That’s a woman who lives brave.

So, when Love Warrior came out, I of course dove right in excited to get to know this woman who had won my respect and admiration so quickly and intrigued as to what this book may inspire.

I remember the phenomenon that happened after Eat, Pray, Love released and how it was a catalyst for so many women to burn everything down and go find themselves. What I found in Love Warrior was Eat, Pray, Love’s sister.

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Love Warrior was one of those reads that held hope, truth, and courage on every single page. I found myself on those pages too – the heartbreak of never feeling enough, the pain of addiction and numbing out the feelings of shame, guilt, and betrayal, the way I found my identity in other people’s approval, the way I hustled for love, the way I felt downright dirty for being a wild woman, a woman who would never be enough for God.


I saw myself there in Glennon’s heartbreak and story. I think others will find themselves there too.


Reading Love Warrior sparked something in me to dig even deeper than I had before – to re-examine all that I’d come to believe after years of personal development, to challenge myself to investigate what subconscious rules may still be keeping me from being bold, brave, wild, and strong. The process of unbecoming is a powerful road of reclaiming who you’ve always been and

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I was thinking the other day about what it means to be a Love Warrior and to me it means to be brave. As I reflect back on my life through the lens of bravery, I recognize that as long as I was practicing courage, I had very little regret. It was the times I was letting self-doubt, fear, and unworthiness lead that I saw myself cower, live untrue to who I am, not speak my feelings, hide myself in shame.

The woman I really am – the wild one – suffered because of this. Bravery was always the answer.

That’s why being a Love Warrior is a movement I can get behind, to encourage other women to also live brave, to reclaim the parts of themselves they’ve deemed as unworthy or not enough, to counteract the way they’ve sold themselves out or self-abandoned their souls in order to be “good”.


Love Warrior encourages us to face the parts of ourselves we’ve booted off the island. For some, it may be our bodies like Glennon.  For others, it may be our minds and other still, our souls.  All of it is an effort to numb out pain not realizing that pain is just as powerful for love when it comes to transformation.

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There were so many powerful concepts to dig into with Love Warrior that it inspired me to spend 30 days doing my own personal examination – to check back in with where I am now and unbecome a little bit more and that’s what 30 days with Love Warrior is all about.

If you’ve read the book or haven’t, I invite you to join me as we dig into Glennon’s journey and also see ourselves through the themes she brings up in the book – to self-examine the ways we may be voting pieces of ourselves off the island and not honoring our truth and instead reclaim more of ourselves, redefine the rules just a little bit more (or maybe even for the first time) and how we all can take the Journey of the Warrior living a little braver along the way.

To sign up, join me below! We get started October 15th, but if you’re late… JOIN ANYWAY!  You can jump right in wherever we are and join us for a brave 30 days of inner transformation and reflection. We’ll define what it means to be a Love Warrior, how we can more deeply champion for our souls, how we can be worthy (how we always have been), and why it always comes back to love.

Not sure if you’re ready to join?


Read more right here!  


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