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Living True + Daring to Suck Free Webinar

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To say Keri-Anne and I were blown away by our experience today would be an understatement.  Thank you so much for sharing that space with us and adding your voices, your stories, and your experiences to the conversation.  We look forward to hosting more of these conversations in the future!  And if you missed it, the recording is above.

Keri-Anne and I both mentioned special offers to work with us as part of joining our conversation.

Keri-Anne will be offering a Deep Dive Session plus 1 week of email support at the rocking price of $97.  

 The intention of this call is for you to EXPLORE your inner world with curiosity (not judgement), EXPRESS yourself fully (and safely) and EXPAND your Brilliance into your life and the world.

Imagine that inner critic (or insert any undesirable feeling here) you so quickly want to push aside and avoid turned out to be your greatest gift and closest ally?

What if these unexplored and unpolished gems turned out to be the most beautiful, misunderstood, neglected and innocent parts of YOU that are patiently waiting for your loving time and attention?

Keri-Anne is here to help you learn HOW to be with them to finally receive their gifts of wisdom and insight to help you moving forward.

If you are ready to create a new, more loving and compassionate connection with yourself and your unexpressed emotions, jump in.

This offering is perfect if you are swirling around with inner clutter, emotional conflict, confusion or even a sense of disconnection in your life that is keeping you stuck.
Let’s dive in together so you don’t have to do this alone in confusion anymore.

You bring a willingness and desire to explore your conflict.  She’ll bring her education, experience and fierce love to create sacred space for you to clear, unite and heal your conflicting parts – to find peace from the broken pieces.

What you get

A pre-call questionnaire to prep you for our call to raise your awareness and make the most of our time together.
1 x 60 minute DEEP DIVE session
One week of accountability, feedback and supportive resources as you take the awareness from our call into your life to apply and practice.

Limited time offer* of $97.00 USD for the first 10 sessions
*To be released on my website for $197.00 USD.

To claim one of these hot little numbers available to 10 people, click below:


I will be offering a 25% discount on the Claim Your Enoughness November Group Program that’s getting started on November 2nd bringing the price to $147.  This will be the lowest price ever offered before it goes up next round to $397.

This program is for women who are ready to rewrite the stories that are keeping them from being enough.  It’s the soul work of getting in touch with the piece of yourself who always feels like she doesn’t measure up.  Over the course of a month, we’ll fight back against what you’ve been taught to believe about what it means to be happy, what it means to be successful, and what it means to be fulfilled.  We’ll shift your stories on what it means to be enough so you’re not enough when _____, you’re enough right now!

  • To commit, you’ll need to be able to dedicate 15 minutes a day to journaling (Monday – Friday), 15 minutes a day engaging with our private Facebook group, and one hour each Tuesday at 3:00 pm CST on a live coaching call.  The coaching call will be recorded if you can’t attend live and the feedback I’ve received is that the recording is just as powerful as the real thing.

To read more about the program, you can check that out here.  And remember, there are only 10 spots left for the November program so if you’re interested, you can use this special link below to get in at the $147 price.

*** UPDATE: 9 spots left! ***


Don’t forget to join Keri-Anne’s free community, Empathetic Badasses Unite and my free community, The Enoughness Revolution where the conversation continues after each episode of the brand spanking new podcast, The Enoughness Revolution.  To subscribe on iTunes, click here.  I’m still trying to figure out how to launch this baby on non-apple users.  Bare with me <3  

We have so much gratitude for each of you that joined us today.  Thank you for sharing space with us and letting us speak our hearts.

Talk soon!


  • Angela Smith October 30, 2015, 3:16 am

    Ladies!! Wow….. So. Awesome.

    What an amazing conversation…. I was truly moved by… well, all of it.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and stories.


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