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You’d rather hide your true feelings than risk hurting someone else’s.

You tend to stay in negative, defeating relationships longer than you want to.

You tend to be the "fixer" in relationships, always going above and beyond and usually apologizing first to "keep the peace".

You have difficulty asserting what you want or what you need out of fear of being viewed as needy, selfish, arrogant, or an inconvenience.

You tend to shy away from decisions or opportunities because they’re viewed as reckless or dangerous or disapproved of by others.

You feel like successful people should have it all figured out and this is definitely an area you work hard to maintain.

You notice that your personality changes depending on who you’re around.

You know how to “butter” people up when you want something and know how to get your way.

You have a pattern of exaggerating your “wins” to look more successful or exaggerating your “losses” to look incompetent.

When things are out of place or cluttered, you find it hard to relax.

You tend to focus on mistakes vs. what was executed well.

You have a tendency to be hypercritical of your performance while always looking for ways to improve.

You've generally been in the top percentile for much of your life. When your performance is average, you tend to feel slighted, angry, or down on yourself.

You tend to ruminate on projects for extended periods of time. So much so that these thoughts can be intrusive and even distract you during conversations with others or interfere with your sleep.

Your self esteem takes a major hit when you encounter someone who is better at something than you are.

You genuinely want to be happy for other peoples' success, but you often wonder when it will be your turn.

You feel the most confident when you’re the center of attention, feel you’re the best in the room, or have the upper hand when it comes to being the dominant force in a conversation.

You generally enjoy charming or impressing others and are always mindful of leaving a good first impression.

You have a tendency to focus on success, achievement, and productivity to measure how well you’re doing compared to others.

You often feel like you don't know who the "real you" is, but try your best to present yourself in a warm and friendly way.