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I see you, Beauty

And you’re in one of two camps:

1.  Extremely accomplished compared to your peers, but struggling in the love department


2. Great in the love department, but struggling with life direction, meaning, and joy.

I can help with both. 

Because the only thing you need is –


More bravery to create a life you love.

Here’s how we work:

△ Coaching is an intimate relationship between me and you where we join forces as co-creators for the inner work that gets you the outer results

△ We meet every other week via webcam/phone for a total of four months to create radical inner transformation (8 calls total).

△ Each meeting will be one hour and you’ll have email support in between to share your wins, share your aha’s, and get a loving kick in the tush if that’s what you need.

Here’s where you may be:

Some of the most powerful times to begin coaching are in periods of transition, transitions like… 

 starting over post-divorce/break-up

feeling stuck in an unfulfilled marriage/relationship

 feeling ready to create more balanced relationships

 feeling ready to find your passion and life direction

 feeling ready to prioritize yourself and your desires

 wanting to awaken to your spirituality

 feeling ready to find your joy, contentment, and fire for life and love

 wanting to create more intimacy and balance in your current relationship (Ooh, la, la!)

 wanting to heal or improve a current romantic relationship through active and assertive communication

 feeling ready to create more inner confidence, self-trust, and overall badassness in life, work, and love

△ feeling ready to stop overdoing, overthinking, overworking, and over-compensating for being who you are

Here’s your personal invitation:

We meet for EIGHT 60-minute sessions

every other week for FOUR months.

  • You’ll be held in a sacred container for your own personal expansion
  • You’ll be guided to tune into your own wisdom, learn to trust it, and start making decisions [and taking actions] that honor your soul

Sound good?

Here’s how you get started: 

  1.  Set up a time to chat below.
  2. We’ll meet over a free 30 minute call to make sure we’re a good fit before beginning the coaching relationship.
  3. If it’s a HELL YES from me and a HELL YES from you, we’ll move forward with getting started.  I only work with highly committed women who are ready to transform themselves and their relationships.

Your investment of $3000 includes:

  • EIGHT 1:1 60 minute video calls every other week for FOUR months
  • Unlimited email support between calls
  • Unrivaled freedom, bravery, joy and love that deeply honors your soul
  • Payment plans are available, which we’ll discuss on your free call

Love yourself enough to begin.