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I’ve Been Keeping a Secret

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Is it #2 already?

No.  Not yet!  But if it were up to me, I’d totally be down for that!  Baby fever is underway!

But, I digress.

No, Love, I’ve been holding out on a different secret and it took a big fancy phone call with a PR firm in NYC to make me aware of it.

A few weeks back, I hopped on the phone with a marketing agency to hear them out on a cold call pitch in hopes that they may be a good fit for book promotions when Wild and Holy hits the shelves.

During our call, they asked me to share my life story and I shared my history of drug and alcohol abuse and feelings of unworthiness and how I battled through that to find true love and my calling.

I’ve shared this story a thousand times so I was prepared for the normal responses of “you need to talk about your addiction more or healing your feelings of shame”.  What I wasn’t prepared for was them telling me I needed to talk about my love story more and that my ability to find love was what I should be leading with.

A Love Coach is what they called me. 

Now, I’m not one to let some stranger tell me what I should or should not be doing and at first I was a little taken aback because my work is so much more focused on helping my clients generate self-love than finding romantic love, but I had to take pause for a moment.

Were these complete strangers onto something I hadn’t even considered?  

I sat with this for a few weeks.


  • On my desk sat a wedding invitation from one of my clients.


  • A week earlier, another client shared her recent engagement on Facebook.


  • A message popped up into my inbox thanking me for helping her and her boyfriend learn how to be better lovers to one another.


  • Another client shared that her work with me had resulted in a better relationship with herself, her wife, God, and her work.


  • Another client had sought me out to heal her heartbreak and in so doing, became acutely aware of how this relationship had been toxic for her soul and how to be in healthy love in the future.


  • Another client hired me to help her heal her relationship with her mom.


  • And another client worked with me to learn how to be more assertive with her parents instead of letting their feelings and opinions overpower what she really wanted.  


As I sat in reflection over every single one of my clients I’d ever worked with, one theme ran throughout our work – relationships.  Specifically, healing and improving their relationships whether that meant:

  • Gaining enough courage to leave their current relationship when it isn’t the right fit
  • Learning how to communicate more effectively and lovingly to foster healthy interaction and respect
  • Building back intimacy and trust after betrayal and heartbreak
  • Learning how to be assertive and own their opinions and feelings without backing down
  • Learning how to love wholeheartedly instead of manipulatively
  • Learning the difference between having needs and being needy and becoming their best advocate for getting their needs met
  • Gaining the tools for a thriving marriage that went way beyond the 5 Love Languages
  • How to stop doubting themselves, second-guessing themselves, and speak up for what they want  
  • How to stop taking things personally, reacting defensively, and instead how to be calm, peaceful, serene and loving without holding a grudge
  • How to practice forgiveness when they’d been hurt
  • How to be a better lover, friend, daughter, sister, mother, and woman that made them feel good about the person they were becoming

Could it be that this whole time what I’ve really been doing is helping women have better relationships? Am I a Love Coach after all?  

A Love Coach doesn’t quite fit, but a Relationship Coach?  Totally!!

My whole life has been learning how to heal relationships, be in relationships, end relationships when they no longer serve me, and cultivate loving relationships with myself, God, and others.

+  I’m the girl people would turn to in high school to help them figure out their relationship drama.

+  I’m the girl people would turn to in college to help them figure out their love life.

+  I’m the girl people would turn to at work to help them figure out what to say and how to say it when they felt taken advantage of.

+  I’m the girl my clients turn to now who say, “I wish I could have you in my head all day so I know how to approach this situation with so-and-so”.  

I know relationships.  

I know how to heal relationships, stay in relationships, deepen relationships, improve relationships, open to more deeply satisfying relationships with others, God, and ourselves.

So, I’m owning that today.  I’m no longer keeping that a secret, which leads me to….

Are you struggling with one of your relationships?

  • Do you feel like others’ needs, opinions, or ideas make you shrink or second guess yourself?


  • Do you find yourself making decisions in order to please others?


  • Does your current relationship make you feel crazy or needy?


  • Do you find yourself going back to the same person again and again even though it never works?


  • Do you feel like your marriage is falling apart?

I can help with that.  

Schedule a free call with me here.  

The way we relate to others and the way we relate to ourselves is the foundation for how we show up in the world.

When our relationships thrive, we thrive.  And from personal experience, learning how to heal relationships, improve relationships, have healthy relationships has made all the difference in my self-confidence, happiness, and joy.  

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