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Your Inner Good Girl is Begging to be Wild

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Do you have an inner good girl who’s begging for more freedom?  To let go of the rules and be more courageous?

I think you do because as a seeker, I know you’re here to become your fullest expression, to awaken to your gifts and purpose, to create a life of meaning, and use your voice (and your life) to make a difference.

The only thing is – living a life that’s fully expressed often requires us to go to the beat of our own drum, to let go of the expectations others have had for us and instead follow our own heart.  It requires you to leave the “good girl” persona behind and be willing to stand out, to be brave, to be YOU! Like…. all of you!

Following your heart often asks you to do some scary things.

  • It may ask you to speak on stages.
  • It may ask you to leave your spouse.
  • It may ask you to start a business.
  • It may ask you to leave a job.
  • It may ask you to set firm boundaries between you and someone you love.
  • It may ask you to stop talking so much shit to yourself so you can do your HOLY work in the world.
  • And it may surely ask you to stop letting fear, the “what if’s”, and the “what will they think’s” get in the way of who you’re here to be.

And all of this, of course, will require to do your own inner work, of finding your courage, of trusting your wisdom, and believing you’re enough to follow the things your heart is asking of you.

That’s why my most recent podcast interview is SO good, because we talk about what it means to get in touch with that Rebel side of you – that side you’ll surely need to start walking your own way.  You’ll need her wisdom and her courage to not only prioritize your dreams, but be wild enough to believe you can achieve them.

Today, I’m sharing my most recent conversation with Kelly Covert of In Her Voice where we talk about what it means to be both Wild & Holy, how we start to trust that courageous part of ourselves to be more bold in the world, and all the stories we need to rewrite to express ourselves fully.

It’s a GOOD one!  Tune in below <3



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