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I’mperfect and Enough

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I’ve been getting back to my spiritual practice today, which I abandoned for a couple of weeks as life started to creep in and the “I need to be doing more’s” took over. In the past, I would’ve beaten myself up for not being consistent, for being irresponsible, for letting my values go, and for not prioritizing myself like I encourage others to do. But, today, I chose to offer myself grace, to sit down and ease back into my practice, and to read a few chapters from Rising Strong by Brene Brown.

There’s this piece in the book that I really wanted to discuss with you. It goes like this:


As I was sitting down to write this morning, I really started thinking about this whole concept of being imperfect and being enough. So many of us shame ourselves when we aren’t the perfect mom, the perfect wife, the perfect success driven business owner, when we aren’t perfectly consistent, when we aren’t perfect when it comes to what we eat and working out and how we treat our bodies, when we aren’t the perfect friend, when we aren’t perfectly spoken and say something we regret or when we don’t perfectly stand up for ourselves when we really wanted to.

We let perfection take us away from being enough when in fact the word IMPERFECT say’s I’M PERFECT.

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It’s not about measuring up to this idealized version of ourselves we’ve made up in our head.  It’s about being able to embrace that we’re our own kind of perfect just the way we are. That we have to put forth effort at this life thing, but we do it with grace. That we might not always be at the top, but it doesn’t decrease our worth. That we might not be making as much as so-and-so, look like so-and-so, dance like so-and-so, cook like so-and-so, and so on. But we are us. And who we are and finding comfort in it is far more powerful than trying to be like someone else, even an idealized made up version of yourself. It’s far more powerful than trying to perfect every area of your life so then you’ll be enough.

You’re enough right now!


I wish I had some easy answers for you when it comes to perfection. Do I think we can cure ourselves from the desire to be perfect in a culture that force feeds us messages every day to strive for perfection? Probably not. “The grand majority of us will work our whole lives trying to slog through the shame swampland to get to a place where we can give ourselves permission to both be imperfect and to believe we are enough.”

It's a life long journey of choosing to find your worth in imperfection. Click To TweetIt’s a lifelong journey of fighting back against the things we’ve been taught to believe. But I think we can all get to a place where it’s more okay to be imperfect. I definitely think we can get to a place where we’re enough just as we are in all our imperfect glory many more times than not.

And to me, that’s a very empowering place to live.


To embrace our imperfections gives us grace to not have to execute everything perfectly. When we can open up this space for imperfection, we give ourselves the freedom to try new things, to keep on going time and time again, to love more fully, to be more open to what the world has to offer us, to be courageous in putting our true selves out there. And nothing is more fulfilling than living a life that’s true to you, where you went all in, where you brought your whole self to the table, where you lived a full life full out because you weren’t scared to be imperfect.

And where you let your creativity soar because you chose to live beyond FEAR!


And that’s what I want to help you with.

  • I want to teach you how to rule your life instead of your Inner Critic
  • I want to teach you how to let go of perfectionism and live your live OUT LOUD
  • I want to teach you how to go confidently in the direction of your dreams
  • I want to teach you how to be happy with yourself and proud of yourself no matter how imperfect your life is
  • I want you to learn how to be the most compassionate champion for yourself instead of the shit-talker you are
  • I want to see you be powerful, be enough, live on your own terms instead of those of the world, to be brave and courageous, and stop striving towards others’ expectations instead of your own
  • I want to see you give yourself a break
  • But mostly, I want to see you be able to fully enjoy your life right now… not someday!

Because that’s a life worth living, love.


Not one in which we were too afraid of taking chances because “what if we did it wrong” or too afraid to take time off because we weren’t enough yet.

Are you ready to learn how to be imperfect and be enough? Are you ready to take back your power over what you’ve been conditioned to believe? Are you ready to rewrite the story of who you think you need to be to be enough and be enough right now?

  • The world is waiting for you to live true to yourself.
  • The world is waiting for you to claim your enoughness and bring your whole self to the table.
  • The world is waiting for you to decide that imperfect is the perfect way to go out into the world and do for others.
  • The world is waiting for you to believe that you’re enough so you’ll take action.
  • But mostly, the world is waiting for you to embrace all of who you are, love yourself fiercely, and become a courageous example of what it means to be imperfect and also be enough.

Do you have any idea how many people are struggling to be enough? How many people speak harshly to themselves because they aren’t perfect and they aren’t doing this enough or that enough or who think they need to be doing more, getting more, achieving more, and so on? And do you know that by us not believing we are enough that we’re all just propagating the culture of “never good enough”?

What would happen if we all claimed our enoughness and encouraged others to do the same? Click To TweetWhat would happen if we all embraced imperfection and enoughness and didn’t make them exclusive to one another?

I have a few ideas.

  • We’d live in a world where people were encouraged to be who they are, where we were more tolerant of differences, where we were able to praise our unique gifts and talents and encourage following your heart because that’s all that really matters.
  • We’d have a world of much happier people who loved themselves and thus loved others.
  • We’d have a world where courage was the norm.
  • I think it’d change the world.

But I can’t do it alone.

Nor can you.


This has to be a movement. This has to be something that we each take on as our own life’s work; to embrace our imperfections and know we’re enough because of it. Are you going to be with me?

If so, I’d love to work with you in the November Claim Your Enoughness Group Program that’s getting started November 2nd. We’ll spend a solid month together doing the soul work of embracing your imperfections and claiming your enoughness.

There are 11 spots left and will be the last time this course is offered at the super low price of $197 before going up to $397 December 1st.

As a friendly reminder, you’ll need to commit to 15 minutes of journaling a day. That’s it. You’ll need to plan on engaging with our private Facebook group on a daily basis. And you’ll need to commit to a one hour coaching call every Tuesday at 3:00 pm CST, which will be recorded in case you can’t attend live. And the recording is just as powerful if you can’t be on the coaching call as you’ll notice that we all struggle with similar beliefs when it comes to what it takes to be enough.

I really want you with me!


  • I know the struggle of letting your Inner Critic rule your life.
  • I know the struggle of battling perfection.
  • I know the struggle of giving yourself grace, of giving yourself compassion, of offering yourself love.
  • And I also know how much this work transforms the way you live, love, work, and dream.

When we’re able to claim our enoughness, we allow everything and everyone else in our lives be enough for us too. Do you know what this means? This means instead of being critical of others, we embrace them for who they are. Instead of looking at all the things that need to change and aren’t good enough, we see our lives as glorious, messy, full, fulfilling, and complete. We become happy, joyful, and courageous to live a life that’s true to us.

Our lives become something to be enjoyed instead of something to be perfected!

I think that, more than anything, is something worth working for.

So, if you’re ready to do the soul work, I invite you to join me for this last opportunity to get in at such a low price of $197. I invite you to do something radically loving for yourself and for that Inner Critic who thinks she needs to be perfect to be enough. I invite you to take a stand for who you really are and be enough just as you are because so much power comes from it.

I hope I’ll see you on the inside and if now’s not the right time, put the December program on your calendar and start saving for it. It’ll be $397 and we’ll be getting started November 30th, perfect timing for heading into the New Year!

You can register for the November program below!


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