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I tend to hang out with some pretty rad people who are all striving toward their best, most powerful selves.

And I’m not talking about the kind of power that’s loud and proud. I’m talking about the inner quiet power that never needs to be spoken. It simply exists. It’s simply Who. We. Are.

This kind of power enables us to take charge of our lives. It enables us to stare down our shame and heal and forgive and move forward. It enables us to accept ourselves and our imperfections. It enables us to say “I love you” or “I’m sorry” for the sake of a relationship. It enables us to strive toward dreams, desires, and a higher purpose because this power fuels us to believe in ourselves.

Do you know the number one thing we all must do in order to achieve this type of power?

We have to invest (and no, I’m not talking about money)!

We have to emotionally invest in ourselves that we are worth becoming our most powerful, best selves. Without an emotional buy-in, we will never get to where it is we want to go nor will we have the life we want to have.

It all starts with your own personal emotional investment in yourself because you believe you’re worth it. And, by God, you are! We all are!

Power, the good, strong, unshakeable kind, comes from developing a strong relationship within. Nothing and I mean nothing will ever suffice for this. This kind of power carries you through hard times, when you feel like giving up and giving in and putting your tail between your legs and retreating. This kind of power allows you to stand your ground even when it seems like you’ll never get where you want to go.

Power gives you staying power, the ability to ride the waves of life, the desire to create a life of your choosing, the motivation to strive for bigger, more meaningful, more congruent pursuits.

AND, when coupled with passion?

You are talking about a powerhouse of a force that becomes capable of all kinds of things… anything, really!

So, if you want to become your most powerful self, it all starts with a decision to emotionally invest in yourself. What does this look like?

It looks like taking time to honor yourself and what you need. It sounds like a healthy, loving, and compassionate dialogue within. It feels like acceptance and hope and faith. It looks like you investing time, energy, and resources into who you want to become!

You have a powerful life force within you. You have passion waiting to fuel your fire as you move into your next life chapter. AND, as we move full steam ahead into the Spring Season, this is the perfect time to make time for you, yourself, and your dreams!

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