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Ever feel like you’ve lost touch with who you are and the things that bring you joy?

Like you’re so buried under all the to-do’s, it feels impossible to reconnect?

I get it!

Somewhere along the way, I lost me too and had to find my way back again and again because

  1. I’m stubborn and
  2. enjoy making things hard on myself (just kidding! – at least about the making things hard on myself part!)

All this to say, my hardheadedness has given me ample opportunity to come up with a process for finding my way home called the Soul Shift Method™, which I’ll be teaching my next masterclass!


Radical Self-Indulgence | Megan Hale

If we’re just now meeting, I’m Megan Hale, Retired Psychotherapist, Soul Strategist, and Courage Catalyst who helps women build lives that honor their souls.  

As a wife, a mama, and a business owner, I am fully aware of how easy it is to lose our sense of self to our to-do lists and all the other things people need from us throughout the day. 

That’s why for the past 5 years, I’ve been helping women just like you learn how to stay connected to who they are and what they love with more joy and less guilt, more soul and less shoulds, with more courage and less fear.  Women who…

  • Work high power, stressful jobs
  • Own their own businesses
  • Work a traditional 9-5
  • Are Stay at Home Moms doing some of the most important work in the world

I can’t wait to help you too!

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Podcast Features | Megan Hale

Ready to learn the power of Radical Self-Indulgence?

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

  • The power of pleasure for reconnecting with our sense of self
  • The 2 P framework for why we get disconnected in the first place so we can prevent it from happening again in the future!
  • The two layers of the Soul Shift Method to come back to who we are and what we love so we can be happier, more present moms, wives, sisters, and friends
  • The psychology behind pleasure and why we often times avoid it (THIS IS HUGE!)
  • The 4 P Formula for decreasing guilt so we can find more freedom to pursue pleasure more often

Why Radical Self-Indulgence?

Because far too often, it feels like a radical act to spend time, money, or energy on ourselves and it feels completely self-indulgent to do things for no other reason than to bring us pleasure.

But the thing is…

it shouldn’t feel so radical to do things that bring us joy and it shouldn’t feel so self-indulgent to experience more pleasure.

It should be our way of life!

Join me as we talk about the power of pleasure, what keeps us from pursuing it, and why it’s such an important piece to staying connected to our sense of self.

  • Together, we’ll dive into the psychology behind pleasure
  • The most common blocks for why we don’t prioritize it
  • The work around to pursuing more of it, more often
  • And how to decrease the guilt that often stands in our way


We’ll do all this utilizing the Soul Shift Method™️, the equation I’ve used a thousand times to come back home to myself, amp up my intuition, and reprioritize my life on what I’m needing more of now.

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Let’s talk about Radical Self-Indulgence, the pursuit of more pleasure, and putting ourselves at the top of our lists while still getting “all the things” done.


It’s possible.  I promise!  I’ll show you how.