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Finding Your Purpose By Leveraging Your Insatiability

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Feeling insatiable can be a horrible feeling, almost as though nothing is ever enough. We keep searching, craving, changing the course until we find what must be the “right” answer, but this is exactly what is required for you to build a life around your soul. Your soul will never settle for “close enough” or “good enough”. It will drive you to find your calling as it exists now in the present and it will call you again and again to expand. Purpose is not stationary. It’s something that evolves as you evolve and for the ones who recognize the insatiability and leverage it to their advantage allow this drive to carry them where their soul will have them go.

But for many of us, we encounter insatiability in a negative way. We resist what is truth, trying to make “what is” soothe us and fulfill us when it isn’t meant for us in the first place. Every experience we have had has prepared us to find our calling. It has given us everything we need to awaken to our truth, what we are supposed to be doing in the world, who we are supposed to help and how, but it takes a sweet release for your soul to lead the way. It can’t be cognitively thought out or even emotionally felt out. It’s a deeper sense altogether, one you only find when you develop your highest sense given only by your Highest Self.

This requires us all to get out of our own way, to see ourselves as the wonderfully imperfect and incredibly gifted souls that we are. We all have gifts and talents. We all have an insatiability to feel full, fulfilled, in awe, and at peace. This is the common thread that binds all humanity, but yet we struggle. We struggle having faith when we need it most. We struggle trying to find our own answers assuming we will recognize them as “right” when we find them. We push forward into who we think we’re supposed to be instead of returning to who we’ve always been.

Purpose isn’t something that we find. It’s something that finds us when we can release our need to know what’s up ahead and be in the moment still and calm. Purpose has been with you always, developing and refining itself with each of your life experiences waiting for you to be spiritually mature so that you may awaken to what has always been within you. It’s something that is only momentary as right when we believe it’s found us, it takes us further, expands us further to new heights, new service, and a newer expression.

It’s a dance, one in which we must be careful taking the lead. When purpose leads, the right opportunities fall into place. When we lead too far ahead of our purpose, we become out of alignment. It’s fragile. Learning to dance with purpose is probably one of the most difficult tasks, one I have not mastered yet. Passion fuels purposeful action, speeding us along to what we’re being called to do. But the moment we begin to question if we are on the “right” path because things are not happening or unfolding as quickly as they “should”, we bury ourselves deep within this dance having to wait for the right rhythm to spark further growth.

Learning to leverage one’s insatiability requires knowing when our desire for more is purpose driven vs. when it is ego driven. Purpose driven insatiability desires to be at a higher service. Ego driven insatiability desires to attain more; more wealth, more success, more clients, more appeal. The moment we leverage our ego driven insatiability, our efforts fall on their face. However, purpose driven insatiability carries us much further than our wildest dreams. It begins to show us things we cannot even believe are meant for us yet. It shows us our truest capabilities if only we let our soul lead the way.

A purpose-driven life is one of spiritual maturity, learning to be patient to let your purpose unfold and to have trust that every step you take in good faith is leading you closer and closer to utter fulfillment. The wonderful piece about all of this is that we begin to experience utter fulfillment more and more often when our soul leads us to be at our Highest Service. It is available to us now. In fact, that’s why we are insatiable in the first place.

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