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I see you, Beauty.

And you’re in one of two camps:

1. You work your tail off, love taking action, and stand in your boldness like it’s your job, but you struggle embracing your softness, you struggle slowing down, you struggle finding your center.


2. You have no problem dreaming or imagining what you want your life, relationships, and/or business to look like, but you struggle taking action, you struggle standing in your power, you struggle trusting yourself and knowing you’re absolutely, wholeheartedly enough .

I can help with both.

Because a woman who embraces both her fierceness and femininity will change the world.

A woman who leads from her center will change her OWN.

Because fierce feminine leadership is the process of teaching you how to embrace both your boldness and your beauty, the need to achieve and need to rest, your productivity and performance and creating space to honor your soul.


  • Devoted Self-Care
  • Empowering Mindset
  • Spiritual Foundations
  • Bold Boundaries
  • Inspired Action
  • Working Smarter, Not Harder
  • Coming from Ease, Grace and Flow vs. All Hustle, Muscle, and Force


Because, let’s be honest…

the way you live, love, work, and lead right now could stand some improvements. You could stand to be more well nourished physically, emotionally, spiritually. You could stand to feel more grounded in who you are, your own unique pace, and deeply trusting your inner guidance.  You could stand to feel more confident in taking action.

That’s where I come in.

I meet you where you are and together, we get you where you want to go.

No longer feeling tied to just one way of being (or doing), you feel free and powerful to create the life of your choosing always putting yourself first and living, loving, and leading from your center.

A woman who trusts her soul is the most powerful force there is. A woman who trusts her wisdom is unstoppable. A woman who listens to her needs and prioritizes them transforms the way she shows up in the world.

But what do I mean by leadership?

Every woman is the leader of her own life, her own family, the world and sometimes… all three. But without a strong personal leadership foundation, we struggle creating the life we truly want.

That’s why all of our work is building YOU up because YOU, Dear Lovely, are the center from which everything else stems: gratifying work, nourishing relationships, a meaningful life, and soul-soaring adventure.

Because you really want to:

  • Feel powerful and fierce as you embrace who you are as a WOMAN
  • Take bold action toward the beautiful life you desire 
  • Be able to seamlessly move between “doing” and “being” to experience your life fully
  • Create a balance between your masculine and feminine energies
  • Be more open to receiving instead of giving, giving, giving, doing, doing, doing, going, going, going
  • Work and live more intuitively vs. problem-solving or force
  • Tap into your wisdom vs. leaning on others for their expertise
  • Be held in a sacred container that encourages you to look inward and honor your own truth
  • Trust yourself deeply and feel triumphant over self-doubt
  • Ask for what you need easily and assertively
  • Create balanced and deeply fulfilling relationships AND friendships
  • Create intimacy with your partner with robust sexual confidence and emotional trust
  • Create a bold sense of sisterhood that is supportive and soul-nourishing where you can embrace BOTH your vulnerability and success
  • Create a strong spiritual foundation that supports your self-care, mindset, and confidence
  • Effectively put yourself out in the world boldly standing in your gifts, talents, and value
  • Embrace your inner confidence like a true Priestess
  • Effortlessly lead from your center, have a deep spiritual connection, and tap into your infinite wisdom stepping fully into your leadership
  • Embody what it means to be a Fierce Feminine Leader in your life, love, and work

And all of this is a sign it’s time to…
Live, Love, and Lead from Your Center
embrace your fierceness and femininity,
and be the bold creator of the beautiful life you deserve.


Here’s your personal invitation:

We meet for EIGHT 60-minute sessions

every other week for FOUR months.

  • You’ll be held in a sacred container for your own personal expansion
  • You’ll be challenged to lean into both your fierceness and femininity
  • You’ll be guided to tune into your own wisdom, trust your intuition, and start living, loving, and leading from your center
  • You’ll be encouraged to stand in your power, take bold action, and align with your desires

But mostly, you’ll be held in sacred sisterhood as together, you learn to trust yourself deeply and honor yourself fiercely in every area of your life.

But what do we actually do?

I work closely with you to create a strong leadership foundation for which all other aspects stem.  This includes creating rewarding relationships and friendships, a strong and empowering mindset, taking charge of self-defeating patterns, encouraging you to grow past your comfort zone, guiding you to a more empowered state of being, helping you tap into your innate wisdom, creativity, and passion, growing spiritually, and creating your own personal vision of rewarding balance in your life across all life areas.

You also get full emotional support as you expand into your own vision and leadership.  This means sometimes our sessions may be strategy focused and sometimes they may be soul focused depending on what you need.  I pride myself on being a strong anchor for meeting my clients where they are and I feel the strongest partnerships are those that can hold the emotional container and strategic container as we get down to business.

So, please note… This 1:1 mentorship program is not a step-by-step system.  I work intuitively with you to take you where you need to go spiritually, personally, and professionally.  It’s joining forces to co-create the leadership you desire in your life, in your relationships, and in your work.

Sound good?


Your investment of $525/mo. includes:

      • TWO 1:1 sessions every other week for FOUR months with email support between sessions
      • Immediate access to the Fierce Feminine Success Activation Map ($50 Value)
      • Immediate access to the Fierce Feminine Leadership Mini-Course ($400 Value)
      • FREE access to the Fierce Feminine Masterclass ($500 Value)



We’ll talk first before making this a done deal.  One of my core values as a coach is integrity.  I only work with clients who are a good fit for me and my work.  I am always happy to refer you to one of the amazing women in my circle if I feel you may be a better fit for them.



Still have questions?  I’m here for you:

Schedule a free call with me below.  Let’s have a personal meet and greet over Skype, get to know each other, talk about the basics, talk about your dreams, and talk about the possibilities of co-creating what you truly desire.

Clarity Call Megan Hale, MA, BCC

Tap into your power, stand in your wisdom, honor your truth.