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Ep 99 MM: I Choose. I Choose. I Choose.

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Hi, Soul Sisters! It’s a beautiful Monday here in TX and I’m excited for a few reasons!

1.  Breck comes home today after 10 days away!

2.  We’re painting our house this week, which I’ve been waiting on for the past 5 months as I’ve driven myself crazy over colors.  (If you want some professional help like I did, I highly recommend for some personal color consultation!)

3.  Christmas is next week and I get to see my whole family!!!

Today, we’re getting a little into some psychological theory, which I always find interesting, by looking at William Glasser’s Choice Theory.

Now, I will say, his theory has been criticized as being cold and not sensitive to the dynamic and emotional experience of us humans, but he also offers a lot of great perspective too.

For instance, he claims that we are all trying to satisfy 5 basic human needs: 

1. Survival
2. Love and Belonging
3. Power
4. Freedom
5. Fun

I’d agree with that, but I’d also add in purpose too 🙂

He goes on to talk about the importance of relationships in our lives, which I’m a huge proponent for, and hoe we can choose to engage in 7 Caring Habits or 7 Deadly ones.

The 7 Caring Habits are:

1. Supporting
2. Encouraging
3. Listening
4. Accepting
5. Trusting
6. Respecting
7. Negotiating Differences

The 7 Deadly Habits are:

1. Criticizing
2. Blaming
3. Complaining
4. Nagging
5. Threatening
6. Punishing
7. Bribing or Rewarding to Control

There’s a lot more here too, of course, but I point you to his website if you’re interested in learning more.

For today’s purposes, I’d like to invite you to reflect on what you’re choosing for yourself.  

If you find yourself in a difficult situation, I want to remind you that we may not always have control of our circumstances, but we are in control of ourselves.

We can always choose our thoughts, our self-dialogue, and our perspective and that will, in turn, change the way we feel and what we do instead.

The power is yours!

I’ll see you in a few days for a great TT episode.  Until then, what are you choosing for yourself this week?


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