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Ep 97 MM: I Am Deserving of Happiness, Fulfillment, Joy, and Love

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It’s Motivational Monday, Dear Sisters and it’s been a wet and cold weekend over here in Texas.

Breck’s been out of town, Brax has gone on a sleeping strike, and I’ve been trying to keep my sanity over here without losing my cool.

I’ve been stealing away moments for myself and using mantras A LOT this past weekend, especially, “this isn’t going to last forever”.


I think we all have times where we feel like we’re treading water whether motherhood is a part of our lives or not.  I’ve been having to seriously walk my talk over here, practice self-care, take some things off my plate, and focus on what’s important.

Interestingly, I’ve been able to do some writing for my book, get this lovely episode out to you, and even get my Christmas tree up.  I most definitely feel that I’m being taken care of somehow, someway!  And having my Christmas tree up brings that bit of magic into our house that just makes me smile!

Our mantra today is a juicy one.  It’s light and strong, steadfast and gentle, open and fierce!  I can’t wait to dive in <3

If I leave you with anything today, let it be this:

You Are Deserving. 
You Are Deserving. 
You Are Deserving. 


Please don’t ever forget it!
Sending you SO much love as you start your week 🙂  See you in a few days for Transformational Thursday!



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