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Ep 96 TT: Caroline Frenette

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It’s Transformational Thursday, you guys!

And we’re diving into one of my most favorite topics- INTUITION- a true superpower!

I’m so fortunate to be joined by my guest today, Caroline Frenette, who has dedicated so much go her life to studying and applying intuition to life and business.
Caroline, certified Transformative Coach® (A.K.A. Supercoach) is the founder of The Insight Mastermind, the author of the upcoming book “WAKE UP Your Inner CEO™ & Create a THRIVING Business” and the host of The Caroline Frenette Show; a podcast dedicated to bringing the understanding of the Three Principles to businesses worldwide.


Caroline has spent the past 10+ years researching the human intuitive process as it applies specifically to business building & entrepreneurship, immersing herself as a research participant in over 25 well-known business courses and conducting experimentation with her own businesses, as well as those of her clients, and investing over $100,000 to date in her quest to help business owners develop a deep inner security, confidence and strength that will transform the way they do business forever.


Caroline’s research and professional interests have led her to explore various opportunities around the world, her next venture & dream being to develop a non-profit to teach women in developing countries how to unleash their inner CEO™ and create THRIVING businesses that impact their community positively.


Caroline works with entrepreneurs, leaders and visionaries who want to unleash their full creative potential, achieve higher levels of performance and create better results in their lives and business.

In this episode, you’ll hear Caroline’s three top tips for creating more joy in life, work, and love:

1.  Choose Your Thoughts
2. Depersonalize the Opinions of Others
3. Practice Presence
I can’t wait to dive in!

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