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Ep 94 TT: Practicing Reverence

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Happy Thanksgiving and Transformational Thursday, Sisters!

For all my fellow Americans, I hope you are surrounded by those you love, have time to reflect on your many blessings, and take some personal time to really connect and break bread with some wonderful souls.

Brax will be trying sweet potatoes for the first time today and I’m both excited and sad to watch him experience this transition.  He’ll be six months this Sunday and I can’t believe how fast the time is passing.


As I was preparing for today’s podcast episode, the topic of reverence came up quite loudly, which really caught me off guard.  This word isn’t something that is part of my normal vocabulary so intrigued, I started doing some digging.  Why reverence?  Then I started to get a clearer understanding…

rev·er·ence: ˈrev(ə)rəns/ – to hold in deep respect and admiration

When used toward ourselves, we begin to see ourselves and our journey as sacred and holy.  We start to understand that our paths are unique and can never be duplicated.  In this sense, our paths and the wisdom we gain hold immense value to the world.  These understandings allow us to build deeper confidence and conviction in who we are and what we have to offer.  But deeper still, practicing reverence is a powerful spiritual tool for helping us avoid comparison.

When we compare ourselves to others, we take the power away from our own path and water down our own wisdom.  When we practice reverence, we lift ourselves up in praise and adoration.   We trust that our path is leading us exactly where we need to go and all is working in Divine timing.

So, on today’s episode, I pose a few questions for you regarding reverence, how you practice it, and why it supports the concept of gratitude so easily.
As I look at this topic and why it’s so important to me right now, I feel as though God is calling me to really honor this path that I’m on and not compare myself to others.  God is encouraging me to use this tool as I move forward trusting that the journey I’m on will lead somewhere even more sacred, but I have to respect the timing to receive the gifts.  I have to deeply admire the courage, the tenacity, the patience, and all the other things that are being asked of me right now.  And so it is.
Tune in for some additional thoughts on this topic of reverence.
  • Do you practice this spiritual tool?  
  • Do you deeply respect and admire your journey?  
  • Do you bow in reverence to yourself and all you’ve accomplished?  
  • And perhaps most importantly, Do you see you and your path as worthy of deep respect and admiration?Let me know in the comments.  For the resources I mentioned in this episode, visit and especially this video on walking the labyrinth.
I’ll see you in a few days for Motivational Monday.



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