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Ep 93 MM: I Am Powerful. I Am Capable. I Am Worthy.

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It’s Magic Monday, Sisters!  And I’m getting pretty personal on the podcast today.  This episode will be longer than usual (20 minutes, just as a head’s up).

I shared a post on Facebook, which you can read here and it sparked more discussion than I was anticipating.

It turns out I’m not the only woman who’s felt wounded in the ways I share today nor am I the only woman who has felt called to redefine God on her terms in an even deeper way.

I’ve been on a spiritual journey before sparked by losing a good friend at the age of 23.  This journey led me to searching out new truths in different religions and philosophies that eventually led me back to God, but who God was to me at that point had changed dramatically since I was a girl.

I feel another pull now to keep redefining and do some healing, which is what I share on today’s episode.

I’m eager to see where this journey will lead me, to see if I find what I’m looking for.  But, of course, this is super personal.

Tune in today and let me catch you up to speed.  I’ll see you on Thursday!  xx

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