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Ep 92 TT: Kelly Scott

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It’s Transformational Thursday, Sisters!  And I’m so excited to share our next guest of the season with you, Kelly Scott.


One of my favorite things about the podcast is being able to connect with women who are passionate about making an impact in the world and it was a real treat to speak to someone who helps women do just that.

As a Story Strategist and Transformational Coach under the Transformational Coaching Method of the Holistic MBA, Kelly graduated Summa cum laude from the University of Mary Washington, with a bachelor of science and honors degree in Mathematics. After spending two years post-graduation as a full-time Systems Engineer for the Department of the Navy, Kelly began her entrepreneurial journey as the founder of The Fearless Footprint and

Through private intensives, Kelly helps rising thought leaders and coaches clarify their story, craft their core message, and create content that transforms and converts! She believes that if you want to design a beautiful life, create a body of work, and craft a brand that inspires, empowers, and sparks bold action, then you have to start with a story.

Plus, if you want to grow your engaged (& raving!) tribe, feel deeply connected to your purpose, and leave the biggest footprint on our hearts and in the world, then visit to download Kelly’s free mp3 training & workbook: “What stories are you sharing? The leader’s guide to leaving a bigger footprint”.​

In this episode, we’ll be sharing her three top tips for creating joy:

– Always speak to yourself with curiosity and compassion, not judgement. 
– Give purpose to your challenges, big and small, by turning any challenge into a story that will help another following in your footsteps. 
– On a regular basis, shut out the noise and get back in your own lane. 
To connect with Kelly, visit her on social and her website below:

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