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Ep 90 TT: Why Expressing Anger is Necessary for Your Spiritual Growth

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It’s a day earlier than Thursday, but I felt that this episode needed to get out into the world as quickly as possible.

This episode feels risky to me because for the first time, I’m vocalizing my feelings and anger and opening myself up to the criticism and opposition that I know is available to me.

I am encouraged though to use my voice more boldly and start standing for something because love and light are not going to change the world.  Love is an action verb and thus requires us to do things differently.

Regardless of your political stance, know that I love you.  I see this election as having no perfect or ideal candidate and perhaps that is a sign of a broken system in and of itself.

Many of us have felt all kinds of emotions in regards to this electoral process.  People have been triggered.  Our country has been divided, but I know we have been here before and will endure, survive, and thrive.

This episode is more so about the injustice and double standard I see we face as women when it comes to expressing anger.

Here’s an article for you to consider: Does Your Daughter Know It’s OK to Be Angry?

Many of us feel to express our anger is to appear crazy, psychotic, unstable, dramatic, and overly emotional.  Because of this, many of us stifle this part of ourselves not realizing that the angry part is a necessary piece for our own spiritual growth.

Our anger is what fuels us toward change.  When we don’t give ourselves permission to feel angry, we justify and rationalize that which we’re currently experiencing or settling for as ok.  And it’s not.

Whether that’s staying in a bad or abusive relationship, staying in a job where you’re disrespected, not allowing yourself to feel angry that you aren’t where you want to be – anger is the fuel that excites change.  We have to make it ok for us to feel angry.

When we stifle it, we start to judge ourselves and our feelings.  We tell ourselves it isn’t spiritual or loving to be angry when in fact we can be both.

Hiding behind love and light so we don’t ruffle any feathers isn’t honoring our souls.  In fact, it’s allowing our fear to triumph instead of our bravery.

Allowing ourselves to be angry is an act of self-love.  It’s permission to be human and to feel.  It’s giving ourselves permission that we matter, our feelings matter, and THEY DO!

This election has taught me a lot about being brave and using my voice and knowing it matters.  And like Laurel Thatcher Ulrich said, “well behaved women seldom make history.”

I’m personally tired of hiding behind “good behavior”, or not asserting my values because I’m worried what other people may think.

I look at Donald Trump as a model for bravery as I know it couldn’t have been easy to express his views the way he did, but he did it.  Even if I don’t like his views, I can praise him for that and use it as fuel for me to do the same.

There will be many lessons to learn on love from this election and I look forward to integrating them, but for now, I honor the anger that exists within me, the desire to use it for good, the commitment to being brave, and to always stand for love – fierce love, love that is allowed to be angry, feel unjust, feel marginalized, and demand more.

It is this kind of love that will change the world, that will empower women to demand more for themselves, to be brave alongside me, and become champions for what they deserve.

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