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Ep 88 TT- Thaís and Bri from The Amplify Collective

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It’s Transformational Thursday and I’m so, so fortunate to be inviting Thaís Sky back to the podcast with her partner in crime who’s also her best friend, Bri Seeley.


Bri + Thaís are two inspirational leaders In Los Angeles dedicated to radically changing the way creative, ambitious women connect, engage and inspire through their movement The AMPLIFY Collective. Their “un-networking” events are building community, fostering dialogue and powerfully upleveling the way women show up in their life and business throughout the United States. Together, Thaís + Bri are a force to be reckoned with and are providing women a powerful space to Be Amplified so they can change the world.


What I love MOST about this conversation is that we dive into female friendships and how transformative they can be for us both personally and professionally.

These two are quite obviously two powerful resources and supports for one another and you can tell they’ve learned a lot about how to balance friendship and business.


On today’s episode, Thaís and Bri share some powerful tools to create more joy in life, work, and love and I’m so excited to share them with you.


In this episode, you’ll learn the importance of:

  • Pursuing fun outside of your comfort zone
  • Choosing to talk about more than just work
  • Developing a daily practice to connect with your inner self

Bri and Thaís are on a mission to connect women through their “un-networking” events and build real deal relationships amongst women.  To learn more about their movement and why they were just featured in Forbes, check out their website here.

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