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Ep 87 MM – Miracles Are On Their Way

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It’s just another Magic Monday, y’all! ¬†And our mantra today is the epitome of magic ūüôā ¬†I can’t wait to dive in! ¬†Especially since it’s Halloween. ¬†What better day to be exploring magic and miracles?!


I’m often flooded¬†with so many positive messages, I can’t keep track of where things come from or from whom, but I do know there’s a quote floating around the Universe that goes, “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it” by Roald Dahl.


That’s our inspiration for today because it’s those of who believe in miracles who tend to experience them most often and I can promise you that miracles surround us at all times.


The trick is to redefine “miracles”. ¬†When you start to see almost everything as a sign from the Universe, you start to deepen into the concept that miracles are always on their way.

They may show up as unexpected money right when you need it or maybe a leaf in the shape of a heart on your morning walk.  Or maybe they show up in bigger ways like a loved one recovering from an illness or escaping a near death experience.

Yet, even things that we can tend to see as negative can also be miracles in their own way.  It may just take some time for us to see them through that lens.

Where we’ll be diving in today is the idea that miracles are on their way to you this very minute. ¬†There’s no need to worry. ¬†There’s no need to get caught up in the “how”. ¬†Miracles will be provided when you least expect it. ¬†Everything is always working out in your favor.

Find your FREE mantra download below for exclusive recordings of all our mantras for this season. ¬†Maybe if you’re finding this episode, that’s a miracle all on its own. ¬†What miracles are showing up for you today?

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