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Ep 86 TT – How to Forgive Yourself + Let Go of the Past

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It’s Transformational Thursday, y’all!  And today, we’re diving into a very big concept: forgiveness.


When it comes to living from a place of love, forgiveness is key, whether that’s forgiving ourselves from past mistakes or forgiving others for theirs.

Forgiveness is the practice of acceptance and release and how we alchemize pain into love.

Every person’s journey is different of course, but for me, forgiveness has played a key role in freeing myself from my past and allowing me the freedom to become who I most wanted to be.

Without forgiveness, we stay stuck in feelings of regret, guilt, shame, and unworthiness and all of these feelings hold us back instead of propel us forward.  Forgiveness is the tool that transforms these feelings into love, grace, and acceptance allowing us to move forward and grow into the person we truly want to be.

We can all hold onto regret for a variety of reasons.  For some, it’s our way of self-sabotaging ourselves because this keeps us “safe” from success or love.  For others, its our way of not having to take responsibility for our lives or our feelings.

Forgiveness is a brave decision.  It’s the process of letting go.  It’s the process of owning up.  It’s the process of seeing yourself as fallible and imperfect, but wanting to be better.


But more than anything, it’s the process of compassion and whether it’s forgiving ourselves or forgiving someone else, compassion will always be part of the job.

To access the article I mention in this episode, find it here.


Forgiveness is NOT a one and done thing.  It can often take sorting through layers of understanding and insight before we can be ready to forgive.  If this is a process you’re ready to explore, I’m here to help.  You can explore 1:1 Coaching with me here.

See you soon for Motivational Monday!  Have a great weekend <3






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