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Ep 85 MM – Possibilities Surround Me At All Times

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It’s Motivational Monday, Sisters and if you’ve been following me on Facebook, you know I had a rough few days this past week adjusting to motherhood and finding my balance between marriage, parenthood, work, and life.

It’s felt messy and vulnerable and there have been many times when I’ve just wanted to skip over the brutal parts and get to the beautiful parts where I feel grounded and rooted and have it all figured out. Ha!

But, these times are incredibly important – the uncertainty, the unknowing, the unbecoming, the transitioning because it’s in these moments where we’re asked to get clear on what we’re needing more of, what we want less of, what values are we wanting to live into with more intention, what feels good?

I call this the “dance of alignment” where we’re actively shifting our outsides to match our evolving insides. And the frustrating thing about alignment is that it’s always a moving target.  It takes mindful attending to because we’re always growing and changing, such is our balance.  It shifts from day to day which is why active inner reflection is such a good habit to have.

So, that’s where I am – finding my new center, getting clear on the vision I have for my life right now, gaining clarity on how I want to feel, what I want more of, what I need less of, etc.

It’s in these times though that we can get bogged down wondering about our solutions and not necessarily seeing possibilities, which is why today’s mantra is so uplifting for me.

Deepening into the concept that possibilities surround me at all times makes me more acutely aware that the outsides are always organizing themselves in my favor – there are always solutions moving closer to me at every given moment.

And the same is true for you.

This week is probably going to feel all kinds of messy as I dive into further clarity for myself, but reminding myself that my possibilities are orbiting me this very second helps me to have faith that things are already working out, I’m already finding that new center, and I’m already moving into more grace, ease, flow, and joy.

I think the same for you <3
Don’t forget to download your mantras for this season and they’re accompanying audios below.  I’ll see you Thursday 🙂



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