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Ep 83 MM – I am seen. I am supported. I am loved.

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It’s just another Magic Monday, y’all!  And I love, love, love this mantra today.  It feels OH SO GOOD!  I can’t wait to dive in.

So where does this mantra come from for me?

Maybe I’m hyper aware of the voices of shame or maybe I’ve worked through many stories along my journey that have made me question my lovability.  Either way, I know one of the most isolating feelings is when we feel unseen, feel unsupported, or feel unloved.  It’s these feelings that make us feel that we’re alone, that we’re unimportant, that we aren’t doing enough or aren’t good enough to win the attention of others.

I think these feelings are the most damaging ones, ones Brené Brown refers to in one of my favorite quotes, “The most damaging narratives we tell ourselves are the ones that make us question our lovability, our divinity, our creativity.”

So, this mantra in particular, reminds us that we are seen, we are supported, and we are loved even when we feel the opposite, but it’s up to us make sure we’re reaching out for the support we need instead of isolating ourselves, which is so easy for us to do.

Check out today’s mantra and notice the way your heart space expands as we recite it together.  Every time I repeat this mantra, I feel so much more open to the love from the Universe, from God, from all the people in my life that I know always have my back even if I haven’t talked to them in awhile.  I hope it does the same for you!
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